Windows 11 will allow us to control a PC with our voice

Windows 11 is not the first Microsoft operating system to feature speech recognition. This feature has been available in the PC world for a while, and allows us to perform certain functions such as entering text by voice, known as speech-to-text conversion.

However, Microsoft has wanted to go further with Windows 11, and has made an important update of the voice recognition function that will allow us to carry out numerous actions and control, almost completely, the most important aspects of a PC. To give you an idea of ​​the potential that this feature will offer, I want to share with you a list of some of the available functions:

  • “Open “.
  • “Change to “.
  • “Minimize window”, “Maximize window” or “Close window”.
  • “Click
  • “Right-click “.
  • “Double click on “.
  • “Scroll in “.
  • “Press ” (for example, “press and hold the Shift key” or “press Tab twice”).
  • This list is not exhaustive, and it is that we can also use other voice commands focused on areas of the screen in Windows 11 that do not have defined names, although for this we have to refer to the number of layers. It is not complicated, we just have to say “show numbers”, and a list of numbers will appear on the screen. Now we can say “click 7”, for example, and the action will be executed. To hide the numbers, we just have to say “hide numbers”. In the attached image you can see that number template.

    Windows 11 will allow us to control a PC with our voice

    We can also use other commands in Windows 11 to control speech recognition itself, and even to turn off the microphone. This feature is available in preview at the moment, so you still have ahead a more or less complex development period until reaching its final version. This final version will be the one that will be available to all users.

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