With these methods they can see everything you write; avoid it

Our privacy when browsing the Internet can be compromised in many cases. Hackers can use strategies to find ways to steal information and see what we wrote on the mobile or computer, either when browsing, using applications such as WhatsApp, etc. It is important to be prepared to avoid these problems and take certain measures that help improve security and privacy on the network.

How can they see what we write when browsing

These issues can occur simply while using Chrome and typing anything, using apps like WhatsApp, or sending an email. Have you stopped to think about everything you can write at the end of the day, whether on your computer or mobile? This includes passwordsdata that may be confidential, personal information… Preventing anyone from reading all of this is essential.


One of the most commonly used strategies by hackers is to use a keylogger. It is a type of malware that sneaks into the PC or mobile with the aim of recording all the keystrokes you make. For example, what you write to send by WhatsApp, the web pages you visit or even the passwords you write.

Cyber ​​criminals can sneak in this type of malware in many ways. For example, a fake file sent by mail, a program that pretends to be official and legitimate but is actually a scam, an Excel or Word document, etc. It is essential not to make mistakes, have a good antivirus and always keep everything updated.


Something similar happens with Trojans. It is a type of malware that allows attackers take control of a device. For example, they could delete or create files, remotely access or even simply control a specific program. In this way they could see everything we write through a specific application.

An example of a Trojan that can read what we type was Skygofree. This threat affected Android and allowed an attacker to read messages from WhatsApp, but also from other applications such as Skype. Even SMS could read. As in the case of keyloggers, it is important to maintain common sense, have good security programs and update the system.

Unprotected Wi-Fi networks

Another case that can put everything you write at risk is if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. In case you connect to an unprotected, insecure network, such as in an airport or shopping center, they can see what you write through programs that do not use encryption or in case there is a vulnerability.

The best thing in these cases is to use a good VPN to encrypt the connection and thus prevent them from seeing what you share on the network. Sometimes you will have to troubleshoot programs if the Internet is slow with VPN, but using a guarantee program is a good option to avoid problems.

As you see, hackers could use different techniques to read everything you type on the Internet. Basically, the essential thing is not to make mistakes, always install programs from official sources, have a good antivirus and keep everything updated. That will help you be more protected.

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