Mydlink’s free cloud recording is over, see the changes

We must remember that the recording in the cloud is for the detection of motion and / or sound, the camera can be seen in real time completely free of charge always, this has not changed, only what changes is the recording of the video clips when motion and / or sound detection occurs.

How was the free plan so far?

D-Link with the purchase of any home camera from the mydlink range, provided free recording in the cloud, although logically with certain limitations, because we also have payment plans that increase the characteristics of this Cloud. At free plan we had the possibility of connect up to 3 IP cameras simultaneously with cloud recording, in addition, each of these cameras can record video clips and upload them to the cloud up to a maximum of 24 hours (1 day) with no video clip limit, although we could save the video clips in the cloud forever by clicking on the “pin” that we have in the graphical user interface.

For the vast majority of users, this free Cloud storage plan is enough, due to this feature many users have bought D-Link IP cameras, because it is something that no other manufacturer has. However, we believe that due to the affordable price that the different payment plans have, it is worth paying for this service because the differences are quite important:

  • Basic plan: up to 3 cameras with 7 days of cloud storage without space limit. € 2.49 month or € 24.99 year.
  • Premium– Up to 5 cameras with 14 days of cloud storage with no space limit. € 4.99 month or € 49.99 year.
  • Pro– Up to 10 cameras with 30 days of cloud storage. € 9.99 month or € 99.99 year.

What will the free plan be like from now on?

Mydlink’s completely free cloud recording has been a complete success for the manufacturer, storing hundreds of millions of important video clips securely, however, now the manufacturer is making changes to the policy of the free plan. Next, we are going to explain in detail all the changes that are going to take place in the Cloud:

  • The free plan “forever” will become one year only. Free plans created before September 30 will automatically be extended for 1 more year, until September 29, 2022.
  • If after this free plan ends, you buy another D-Link camera with cloud recording, the free plan will automatically extend its validity 1 additional year from the date of activation of the new camera.
  • A maximum of three cameras is supported with the free cloud recording plan, as before.

Once this free plan expires, it will be necessary to buy one of the available plans to have the recording service in the cloud, at least you will have to pay € 25 per year for the basic plan that allows up to 7 days of cloud storage without space limit. In the short term we will not have any change, the changes will take place on September 29, 2022, where we will begin to see the changes in our mydlink accounts.

What has not been clear from this information provided by D-Link is the following:

  • What happens if we unsubscribe a camera from the mydlink cloud service, and then we add it up again. Will it count as an additional year? Or will it only count as an additional year the first time you add it?
  • What if we create other user accounts (new mydlink registration) and use the same IP camera that was already in another account? Will the subscription to the free plan extend 1 more year?

This new D-Link policy totally changes the paradigm, D-Link’s cloud recording has always been completely free, but with limitations, now it will happen like the rest of the manufacturers that have cloud recording but for a fee. Will they incorporate the ability to upload video clips to services such as Dropbox or Google Drive as other manufacturers do, so as not to depend on the mydlink cloud service?

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