With this instant voice translator on offer you can travel wherever you want

Google translate in your pocket

Can you imagine being able to take a translator on all your trips? That’s just what you can do with it Vormor T11, an instant translator that is capable of performing bidirectional translation of up to 106 different languages. This means that you could have a conversation with anyone, with the only condition of using the device as an intermediary, since it will be in charge of translating the live chat.

The interesting thing about the device is that it does not necessarily require an internet connection. If you find yourself at a point where you cannot use your phone’s internet connection, the device can store in its internal memory a package with 8 languages ​​(Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, German and Spanish) , thus being able to get out of a hurry at any time.

For any other language within the 106 compatible, you will have to use an internet connection through your Wi-Fi connection, something that you can achieve using the access point mode of your Smartphone, for example. In that case, obviously, you will depend on the quality of the connection to enjoy a fast translation.

Talks, and also images

Instant translator

With the help of the integrated camera, we can translate photographs, images, traffic signs and any type of printed text just by pointing the camera. In that case, the software will be able to translate a total of 45 languages, so the options are quite extensive.

its 2.4 inch screen it will take care of displaying the translated text, and its 1,200 mAh internal battery will promise up to 6 hours of uninterrupted translation, so you will be covered for almost your entire tourist day.

Does it really work?

Although it may seem like science fiction, this type of device works really well, and its response time is spectacular, being able to offer us the translation practically instantaneously. All those users who are not very loose with languages ​​will be able to find in this device an incredible tool with which they can function in any country, regardless of the language that predominates in that place.

The technology it offers is based on technologies from Nuance, Google and Microsoft, so it guarantees excellent performance in any type of situation, whether or not we have an internet connection. Thanks to this promotion, we will be able to enjoy a 15% discount, staying the product in some more than interesting 126.65 euros. In addition, its Bluetooth connection allows you to connect wireless headphones so that we do not bother with live translations, thus being able to maintain discretion in all types of environments.

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