Without warning, Windows 11 already lets you change the browser with a single click

Among the many programs available on our Windows computer, the Internet browser is one of the most used. Applications such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge they are in operation almost constantly these days.

Precisely for all this, its developers take great care of both the functionality and the security and appearance of these projects. One of the most important firms in this regard is Microsoft with its Edge that is included with the system. Windows. In fact, the software giant does everything possible so that we opt to use this proposal instead of others from the competition. How could it be otherwise, this has generated a lot of controversy and criticism from many users who prefer other alternatives.

It is true that this version is much better than the one that originally came to light with Windows 10. Now Edge is based on the Chromium engine and has an operation that allows it to compete with any other program of this type. However, in recent months the complexity included by Microsoft itself when changing the default browser in the new Windows 11. With this, what is intended is that users use Edge by default, complicating this change, something that most do not like.

Hence precisely all the criticism that has been reported over the last few months and that points to the Redmond giant for trying to impose this program. Now the operating system has just receive a new update with some interesting changes. Among these we can highlight that at this time changing the default browser on the system is easier than ever.

Microsoft makes it easy to switch Edge in Windows 11

With this we can say that the company has reversed this controversial move that caused disgust among users of Chrome Y firefox. And it is that since Windows 11 was launched last year, Microsoft has been criticized for this change of default browser. Until now it forced users to manually register another such as Firefox or Chrome for known web protocols and file extensions. This made it more difficult to switch between these programs instead of using the default one, Edge.

In other words, users had to manually configure Chrome or Firefox preferences to web protocols such as HTTP or HTTPS or for the most popular web file extensions. This, how could it be otherwise, caused great confusion and annoyance among the millions of people affected. But right now we can assure you that Microsoft is backing down in this regard and paying some attention to those criticisms.

We tell you all this because the firm now seems to be paying attention to the criticism and received and has reversed the complicated configuration. This Allows you to change the default browser in Windows 11 more easily starting with the release of the April 2022 Cumulative Updates. Thus, after installing the patch KB5012592Now we can easily switch between Edge and other browsers with a single mouse click. Specifically, we now have a new option that allows you to change the default browser for all web protocols and file extensions at once.

This obviously makes these tasks much easier. operating system configurationwhich is celebrated by both users and developers of third-party browsers.

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