Xbox opens virtual museum to mark its 20th anniversary

With a celebration that started months ago, with the arrival of peripherals and exclusive collaborations, Xbox continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary in style, this time premiering its own virtual museum so that fans can go back in the history of these consoles, and even back in their own gamer experience.

Accessible from any device connected to the internet, the only necessary requirement will be to keep the hardware acceleration function activated in our browser.

With a little touch of metaverse, we can walk and navigate different scenarios to get a glimpse of the main milestones of the company, such as the different generations in the history of Xbox, with posters that detail the main events throughout the life of each console, such as important acquisitions, and even some memories that although not so pleasant, are undoubtedly part of your history, like the famous Red Ring of Death from your locked consoles.

In addition to all 132 moments in Xbox history, We will also be able to venture into our own personal museum, accessing through our Xbox account to be able to see some of the personal statistics that Microsoft has been following behind the scenes, such as our playing time, how many games have you played, how many achievements you have obtained. , when you first logged into Xbox Live, what was your first game on Xbox, and even what was the first achievement of your gamer career.

So, if this curious museum leaves you wanting more, don’t worry, since the company has already announced that it is working on a documentary called “Power On”, in which we can take an additional look and explore the creation and emergence of this family of consoles, with a release date already set for December 13, with a mini-series format divided into six episodes.

Although at the moment we are not sure where it will be broadcast, waiting for Microsoft and Xbox to share news during the next few days through their official channels.

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