Xiaomi C400 and C300 surveillance camera on offer on Amazon

Many people are already about to catch the first batch of Summer Vacation, and for many that means going on a trip and leaving the house alone and closed. If this is your case, then installing a surveillance camera to see that everything is fine in your house wherever you are may be a good idea. In that case, you will be interested to know that you can now buy some of the best Xiaomi surveillance cameras at reduced price.

Installing one or more surveillance cameras at strategic points in your home (for example, at the entrance door or in the windows) will allow you not only to keep an eye on it, but also if they have recordings, in the event that someone try to enter (and succeed) in your house, it will be recorded, making things much easier for you when it comes to claiming insurance damages.

By the way, both cameras that we are going to expose below work wirelessly, and you only need to have a power outlet nearby to be able to plug them in. This means that you can place them anywhere, for example to use them to monitor your baby when you are at home. They support ceiling mounting (they come with the screws and everything), so the possibilities are many.

Xiaomi’s best camera is 18% off

Almost every time Xiaomi launches a new product on the market, it is usually praised for its performance / price ratio, and in the case of the Xiaomi Smart Camera C400 is not an exception. We are facing a surveillance camera with 2K resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) and F1.4 aperture that records in high resolution, but also has night visionmotion detection and is able to move 360 degrees so that no detail escapes (that’s horizontally, vertically it has 106 degrees of movement).

This Xiaomi camera allows recordings to be saved in the cloud with 128-bit AES encryption for greater security, but it also has a socket to install an SD card and save recordings locally. In any case, it also allows you to check the live video at any time from the mobile application, and you can set up an alert system so that it alerts you whenever it detects movement when you’re not at home.

At this time, you can find it on sale with an 18% discount on Amazon Spain.

Watch out for the Xiaomi C300, with a 20% discount!

The previous model, the Xiaomi C300, also has quite interesting specifications: Full HD native resolution (1920 x 1080) with F.1.4 aperture, night vision, AI motion detection and also supports local video recording via card SD (sold separately, eye).

Xiaomi C300

Essentially, it’s pretty much the same as the C400 (actually, cosmetically they’re identical) but with a slightly lower resolution (Full HD vs 2K), so it’s still a very good investment to keep an eye on your home while on vacation. It also works with the Xiaomi App (Mi Home) to view live video and supports saving recordings in the cloud.

The Xiaomi C300 is also now on sale at Amazon Spain, in this case with a 20% discount that makes it quite cheap.

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