Yale launches its smart safe on the market

The company specialized in smart home security solutions, Yalehas just launched its latest line of storage products, the smart safe.

Now on sale, it is designed with the comfort and ease of use, and expands our range of interoperable and connected smart home devices. Along with the Linus lock, the smart storage line is part of the brand’s aspiration to create a user experience where all of its devices can be controlled through a single app. What it provides smarter, safer and more efficient ways to manage any home.

The smart safe presents several functionalities, including different opening methods, such as key, keyboard and access through the application, depending on the method that best suits the needs of each user. Every time the safe is opened, the user receives a notification, and the same happens when the battery is running low. And if the battery runs out completely, the external 9v battery connectors power the safe and allow it to be opened.

smarter storage

With Yale’s new smart safe, users’ most precious possessions, such as jewelry, documents or electronic devices, will be protected at all times. A convenient storage solution that allows you to unlock it remotely, know who has access at all times and share permanent or temporary access codes with trusted people, from anywhere in the world. All at the touch of a button in the intuitive Yale Access app.

The smart safe can be opened at any time, thanks to its integrations with leading smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, and the Google Assistant. Thus, users will be able to unlock it and check its status with a simple voice command.

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Save the teleworking material

With teleworking, it is sometimes difficult for us to find a way to keep the computer and the files we bring from the office protected at all times. Yale’s smart safe will help keep those important documents or work laptop when they are not being used.

Its security door prevents the use of tools to open it. And it also has a locking mechanism with two anti-saw bolts for greater protection, which allows users to telework with all the guarantees, knowing that all their belongings will be safe and secure.

Protect your tenants’ possessions

The Yale Smart Safe is perfect if you have a rental home. Something that worries guests is where they are going to store their travel documents, passports, money, jewelry or electronic devices while they are on vacation. The smart safe is the ideal solution as it provides you with a secure place to store your important or valuable items. The safe has lighting that is activated when the door is opened, as well as a shelf and hooks to view and organize your valuables, which will provide you with security and comfort during your stay.

And for greater security, the alarm will go off after five incorrect access attempts and it will be blocked for five minutes to scare away friends from others. Thus, users will have the certainty of knowing that any sensitive or valuable material stored in it will be safe and secure at all times. And tenants will have the necessary comfort and tranquility to relax and enjoy their stay.

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