You have a gaming keyboard and mouse, but your setup is not complete: get this offer

When we set up our own gaming setup, we generally take into account two fundamental aspects. On the one hand, the quality of the peripherals, since these must be precise and reliable if we really want to win the games. And, on the other hand, that they are pretty and, in addition, that they have “little lights” in the form of customizable RGB lighting to give a touch of color to the desktop. When shopping for components, it’s easy to forget one thing we don’t usually think much of: the mat.

We always think of mouse pad as something secondary and optional to which we do not give much importance. However, a good mousepad can not only give an original and modern touch to our computer, but it also helps us to preserve our peripherals (especially the mouse, by reducing friction with the table) and to be much more precise.

When choosing a mat we can find several types. The classic ones, and small ones, that only serve for the mouse, slightly larger mats to have more freedom when moving the mouse, or the one that we bring in today’s offer, an XXL mat with plenty of space to place the keyboard and mouse. mouse and that, in addition, has a nice customizable RGB lighting.

XXL mouse pad with RGB reduced by 15%

This mat has dimensions of 80cm x 30cm, a size more than enough to be able to place both the keyboard and the mouse on top of it without problems, and to have more than enough space to be able to move the mouse without getting out or colliding with the keyboard. The mat has a smooth and waterproof surface (very useful to avoid damaging it if we spill a soft drink), as well as with a rubber base Non-slip to prevent it from moving while playing.

In addition, around the surface, this mat has a system of RGB lighting with 12 modes of color, as well as 7 static colors to give the appearance that we want to our desktop. The control module connects to the computer via a USB port and works without the need to install drivers or programs.

Although it is not an excessively expensive accessory (it normally costs 14 euros), we can get hold of it for a limited time with a 15% discount, so we can get hold of it for only 11.86 euros. A great opportunity if we are looking for a mat with these characteristics or, simply, a renovation of our gaming environment.

It is true that it is not a mat from a well-known brand, such as Corsair. But it also doesn’t cost as much as a name-brand mousepad with RGB lighting. In addition, with more than 300 reviews on Amazon, this accessory has a score of 4.6 out of 5, therefore, if we do not want to spend 80 euros on a branded one, this is an excellent mouse pad with which to complete our gaming setup.

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