You have this game for free to try it on PS5 and XSX

They have given him the name Monster Hunter from Koei-Tecmo and has garnered very good reviews from those who have played it although, the same, needs an extra push that has come in the form of a trial period completely free that you have available whether you have a PS5 or an Xbox Series X | S. So if this is your case, see how you can do it.

Try it for a limited time

It is normal that some companies decide to jump on the bandwagon of free trials of their games for a limited time. In this case Wild Hearts It will be a week because this phase began on April 6 and It will conclude the next 13 at night. In this way, all those who have a new generation console will be able to access the digital store and download the title to start a game as if they had bought it.

It is true that this free trial process is never a good sign because it indicates that the game needs a little push to improve sales, especially if one takes into account that the PC version has suffered a lot of technical problems which has led it to garner quite negative reviews on platforms like Steam. There, despite the patches published to correct these incidents, the game still hasn’t come back as far as reputation is concerned.

Another thing is the consoles, where Koei-Tecmo performs more effectively and Omega Force, his study, already knows the details of each territory. It is here where has searched that Wild Hearts suffer an acceleration in sales that are not what they should be, despite this development obviously inspired by the Monster Hunter from Capcom, who are the kings of this type of genre.

Hunt the most amazing beasts

If we tell you that Wild Hearts it’s kind of Monster Hunter, it will not be necessary to say what its main mechanics and theme are. The creatures are our objective in epic missions where we will not only need the ability to know how to handle our weapons, but we will have to deploy a whole series of devices and traps that will help us in each objective.

The game, as we tell you, has received mostly positive reviews on consoles from the specialized press but, now, you won’t need to look at what has been said or written because thanks to this test you will be able to feel it first hand and… if you like it, buy it with a small discount through the digital store itself. Although if you agree, we are going to leave you here a couple of cheap alternatives both on PC and Xbox Series X | S and PS5.

If you want to buy it on PC, for Origin –the Electronic Arts store–, you can do it at Eneba with a small discount on its full price: it will stay at 62.99 euros. However, if you prefer to buy it on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, you can also do it on Amazon with a substantial discount on the full price of each one (which is more or less 80 euros).

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