You won’t be left without a PS5: SONY guarantees 22 million AMD chips

Although the agreement is, logically, between AMD and SONY, the reality is that the former has had to muster an admirable effort and perseverance with TSMC. The Taiwanese company is in full expansion of chip production under the current circumstances, but AMD has made a master move from which SONY is benefiting.

22 million chips for PS5 does not equal 22 million consoles

PS5 Horizontal Cover

It was SONY CFO Hiroki Totoki who slipped the news at a company earnings meeting. This news is the announcement about the acquisition of no less than 22 million AMD chips that will logically be destined for its PlayStation 5 console.

This will allow SONY to comply with what it said not too many months ago in terms of forecasts until the end of the year, which in its absence is a measure to avoid a shortage of consoles until at least the beginning of 2022. What remains a Incognito in the heat of crisis of semiconductors is how the Japanese can have done with such exorbitant volume, but mainly, how they have managed to do it so fast.

We do know from previous leaks that AMD was going to allocate a large number of the wafers available from TSMC to SONY and Microsoft, where to be specific there was talk of almost a 80% for them in front of a 20% for PC between GPUs and CPUs.

NVIDIA has an advantage over AMD due to the small number of GPUs available

RDNA 2 die

Rumors are pointing higher and in various directions. In the first place, it is claimed that NVIDIA is dominating the market with an iron fist because the number of chips for GPUs is very low, which makes it possible that in number of sales (as we saw not too long ago) Lisa Su’s company does not can compete face to face in income and units sold.

The second rumor is more a statistic or forecast of certain analysts, since they believe that the supposed 22 million consoles that will have life thanks to those 22 million chips will be sold at such a rate that they will be insufficient. This is largely in line with SONY’s sales forecast, which said supply and demand will not balance. until after 2022, which suggests that we have about a year and a half left until there is no problem in stock in stores.

However, neither SONY nor Totoki give up, as it ensures that the company need to increase production With the aim of never running out of stock in stores, something really complicated given the scarcity and high demand they are having, not only in Spain, but in other parts of the world. Will SONY meet those numbers on AMD PS5 chips before the end of the year?

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