Your PC will fly with Amazon’s best-selling 480GB SSD, now at half the price

When it comes to renovating our old PC or laptop, the first thing we should consider before making a major investment is whether it is really worth it or if, by replacing any of the components of our computer, we have more than enough. If our computer has an SSD and, even so, it is slow, the solution is to change the computer. But, if instead of an SSD you have a mechanical hard drive (HDD), then the change to an SSD will be beastly.

The read and write speed of SSDs compared to HDDs is infinitely higher, since it is not a physical disk on which a head moves to read the information, but all the information is stored in an accessible digital form in a much faster way. If, in addition, we also expand the RAM memory, as long as the possibility exists, we will have a computer for a few more years. If we are looking for an SSD, with the three B’s (good, nice and cheap) the one we are looking for is offered by Amazon.

480 GB SSD with a 53% discount

The veteran manufacturer of storage units Kingston offers us a model with a capacity of up to 480 GB SSD type, for only 34.90 euros, which represents a 53% discount on its usual price, which is 73.99 euros. This model has an average rating of 4.5 stars after receiving more than 180,000 opinions, so we will not be wrong if we opt for this model to improve the performance of our equipment.

Kingston SSD

Kingston’s 480 GB SSD has a read speed of 500 MB/s and a write speed of 450 MB/s, speeds much higher than what we can find in any HDD. It is not the fastest SSD on the market, due to its value for money it is one of the best options currently on the market and we can buy it through the following link.

Other options

If our budget is not very high or if we are only looking for an SSD as the main unit to manage the operating system and the programs that we usually use to entrust the data to an HDD, this same manufacturer offers us the 240 GB model, a model that currently has a 55% discount being its final price of only 20.08 euros.

Another interesting option from this same manufacturer is found in the model with 960 GB, a model that after applying the 58% discount it has, stays at just 58 euros, a fantastic offer difficult to find. In addition, it is a product labeled as Amazon Option, so it is a product recommended by the platform itself.

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