YouTube Music tests lyrics live

The karaoke fever seems to have no end, and now it is YouTube Music who gets on it. This is something that will give many goosebumps, and more so on these dates, because surely seeing part of the family screaming to the rhythm of My Big Night while giving a good account of the classic Christmas sweets is more than what that they are prepared to endure. I’m very sincerely sorry for all those people, but for the rest, and for the rest of the circumstances, I would say that this is very good news.

I’m talking about karaoke fever because, as we told you recently, Apple Music Sing has already debuted, a new playback mode for Apple Music that, in addition to showing the lyrics live (that is, adjusting which part of the lyrics is being sung in at any time) also features settings to reduce the volume of the song’s voice track, thus providing a similar experience to traditional karaoke.

On the other hand, Spotify has also dedicated the last year (since November 2021) to implementing live lyrics in its apps for the different operating systems that the music streaming service reaches. For this purpose, it is fed from the MusixMatch lyrics database, although in this case we did not find functions to attenuate the voice track, which sometimes makes the experience less satisfactory, but in many others it allows us to sing with more confidence, since we think that the voice of the original singer is heard more than ours (bad news, it is not really like that).

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Be that as it may, Google also signed a collaboration agreement with MusixMatch and, as we can read at 9to5Google, YouTube Music is already starting to test live lyrics. More specifically, as reported in said source, a Reddit user who sent the YouTube Music signal from his Android smartphone to a Chromecast Ultra was surprised to find a new interface, in which the information of the current song (cover, name and artist) is displayed on the right, while live lyrics can be seen on the left.

At the moment there is no official confirmation from YouTube Music about this new function, but the fact that some users have already begun to see it seems a sign that it will not make them wait too long, although it is most likely that, as is the case in For the rest of the services, the implementation of the live letters throughout the catalog will take place gradually, since the synchronization work requires synchronization to confirm that it has been carried out correctly. And that with catalogs of tens of millions of songs, it will undoubtedly take a long time.

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