Firefox 107 will bring Total Cookie Protection to the standard version for Android

firefox It has been for some time the only real alternative to a Chromium that threatens to monopolize the web. In addition to using another rendering engine, Mozilla’s browser has insisted on two fronts: freedom for developers and privacy for users.

As far as user privacy is concerned, Firefox introduced in version 86 for desktop a feature called Full Cookie Protection (or Total Protection against Cookies), which was not enabled by default until a few months later. Said characteristic basically consists of introducing the cookies of each website in its own “jar”, ​​thus making it difficult, for example, for Facebook to cross-track through different websites. However, Total Cookie Protection has during this time, Mozilla learned, been a feature exclusive to the desktop and Firefox Focus builds of the app, so it wasn’t present in the standard mobile version.

Fortunately, Total Cookie Protection should reach users of the standard version of Firefox for Android starting tomorrow, more specifically with the launch of version 107 of the browser for Google’s mobile operating system. As we have already said, the feature was already present, and enabled by default since January 2022, in Firefox Focus, the completely privacy-focused variant of the browser.

It is important to note that there is no separate option to enable Total Cookie Protection in Firefox for Android because is part of the “Enhanced Tracking Protection” settings, which can be reached from the Application Settings. To activate it, you must set said protection against tracking to Strict or Custom. Of course, for better protection it can always be complemented with uBlock Origin.

In addition to the presence of Total Cookie Protection, Firefox 107 for Android will preload intermediate certificates to reduce the number of HTTPS errors users encounter and will introduce support for Android 7.1 Image Keyboard and Google GBoard.

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