Zerocalcare updates us, in its own way, on the animated series Netflix

Six months after the official announcement, Zerocalcare updates fans about his animated series Netflix via Twitter.

The Roman cartoonist tells us about the progress of the work of Tear off along the edges in his own way, that is, with a short ironic comic.

A comic updates us on the animated series of Zerocalcare

Zerocalcare posted on his profile Twitter a sequence of cartoons called An update on the series for Netflix. Although in reality we cannot speak of a real update because it does not reveal anything except the progress of the work.

In fact, in the published strips we see the artist who with an optimistic attitude says: “Today I thought oh well but famojela sees’ na little thing, right?”, But immediately the streaming platform, represented here as the Tower of Mordor of the Lord of the Rings, blocks him. In this ironic cartoon, Netflix threatens to take away the mother of Zercocalcare and let it end “tied to an electric scooter and dragged throughout the Appian Way“Or to kidnap his father and boil him”I live in the kitchen of a sushi in Ponte Milvio”If the cartoonist tries to reveal even a small detail about the series.

The artist then concludes embittered with: “Nothing rega ‘, I can’t say shit”, then specifying that it is not a request for help, but it is simply too early to reveal anything. He also adds that the series probably won’t be out in a week, but not even a year, rather a date in between.

Details and trailer of Tear along the edges

The series Tear off along the edges does not yet have a precise release date, but we know that the work is progressing at full speed. The story will be set in the famous narrative universe of the graphic novels of the Roman cartoonist and the characters will be the same as the stories we already love. So we will find Dry, Sarah, the Wild Boar Friend and also the iconic Armadillo, which will have the voice of Valerio Mastandrea.

We still don’t know anything specific, but certainly there are high expectations for this upcoming series.

Which character would you like to see in the series Tear off along the edges? Let us know below in the comments.

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