10 action movies you can watch on HBO Max

The HBO Max movie catalog is one of the most complete of the entire streaming offer that we currently have. However, if you’re not into classics and you’re looking for something more lively and with fewer dialogues, here are a dozen action movies that you can watch right now on the platform, many of them great works in the history of cinema.

These 10 action movies are available on HBO Max

No one

Sort of like John Wick, but with the big Bob Odenkirk as protagonist. An action and revenge film in which the actor will achieve what he always does: empathize with his character.

Mad Max: Fury Road

It is rare that you have not seen this movie, but it never hurts to see it for the second, third or nineteenth time. Can one get bored of this genius of George Miller? By the way, the original Mad Max installments are also available on the platform.

Inside Man (Hidden Plan)

Probably, Spike Lee’s best movie. It all starts with a very clever bank robbery by Dalton Russell’s (Clive Owen) crew where they take all the branch customers hostage. There, detective Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington) will have to intervene to prevent the situation from ending in catastrophe. To his surprise, the kidnappers have a plan that only the owner of the bank knows about.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

One of the biggest premieres of HBO Max. It took an insistent fight from DC fans pressuring Zack Snyder to do his famous ‘Snyder’s Cut‘. And, against all odds, the director played the part of him. If you didn’t see the Joss Whedon version, you didn’t miss a thing either. Of course, prepare a lot of popcorn, because this lasts four hours.

Speed: Maximum power

A young Keanu Reeves plays Jack Traven, a policeman who is looking for terrorist Howard Payne. The terrorist has planted a bomb in a passenger bus that will explode if the vehicle goes below 80 kilometers per hour. A film full of tricks and really distressing situations that was made with two Oscar Awards.

v for Vendetta

This adaptation of the work of Alan Moore and David Lloyd to the cinema with a script by the Wachowski Sisters will already be 17 years old, but it has aged quite well if we take a look at today. At the time it was a rather underrated feature film, but it has improved over time like fine wine.



And, speaking of the Wachowskis, HBO Max is also the right place if you want to see Matrix – the original, not the nonsense that we could see this past Christmas.


Both the original and the sequel are currently on HBO Max. This movie catapulted Jason Statham in his role as a driver for hire who doesn’t ask questions of his clients, who are all criminals.

The Seven Samurai

This masterpiece of akira kurosawa It is the basis of many action movies that are made today. It doesn’t have the frenetic pace of modern cinema, but it’s that film that you have to see yes or yes to understand multiple current references.


A great work by Michael Mann in which he directed Tom Cruise and Jaimie Foxx in the roles of hitman and taxi driver, respectively, with a very intelligent script and really well shot sequences.

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