“123456” leads the top of the most used passwords: follow these tips to create secure passwords

Talking about passwords is a complex issue that sometimes even generates controversy. Yes OK, there is no 100% secure password. Although it is true that there are many applications, devices and other means that seek to make them more complex and more difficult to decipher.

Every year there are dozens of cases involving massive hacks, in which thousands of passwords, usernames and other data are revealed. However, this problem is exacerbated when the users who own this information use the same passwords in all their accounts, granting full access to the cybercriminal.

According to the latest reports from Awful Password Lis, project dedicated to password management, during 2021 the password most implemented by users, used as a password is 1,2,3,4,5,6 and Qwerty, generic and easy-to-guess passwords.

The most used passwords in 2021 are …

The same agency published a list with a total of 200 passwords most used by Internet users, so if you have any of these we recommend changing it immediately, since it can be dangerous because someone else could guess them and enter your accounts .

In summary, the 20 most used passwords in 2021 are:

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. 12345
  5. password
  6. 12345678
  7. 111111
  8. 123123
  9. 1234567890
  10. 1234567
  11. qwerty123
  12. 000000
  13. 1q2w3e
  14. aa12345678
  15. abc123
  16. password1
  17. 1234
  18. qwertyuiop
  19. 123321
  20. password123

How to generate a strong password?

Before such a report Jonas karklys The CEO in charge of Nord Pass has stated that he feels sad about this situation as it violates people’s security, it also encourages people to strengthen their password, create something more secure so that they are not vulnerable to such attacks.

There are many tips to help us keep our accounts safe on the internet, here is a list of the most important to take into account:

  • Do not use the same password for our various social networks and digital spaces (equipment, services, internet sites, applications).
  • The second tip is to change your password frequently (quarterly, for example).
  • Use passwords of at least 12 characters and that combine numbers, signs and uppercase and lowercase letters (but avoiding obvious formulations, such as “VaNeReba├▒oSagrado & 1989”, which only detract from the strength of the password).
  • Take advantage of features like multi-factor authentication; among other ideas that are always useful and that we must apply with greater vigor. According to research, 70% of the world’s most used passwords can be cracked in less than a second.
  • Never use sequential passwords, for example, an indicator that should come as no surprise, considering that the password “12345” is the most popular on the planet.

Verify that your password is not in the following list, if it is the case it is necessary to change it for security.


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