14 Best Websites With Free Online Books For Kids (2021)

There is no doubt that the internet is an amazing place, where you can find a lot of cool stuff. A lot of people use the internet to download music or watch videos, but its uses go far beyond that. You can also find a ton of resources for you and your family. One great way to learn more about the world is by reading books.

Finding wholesome, interesting books for your kids can be tough, what with they are all very old school. Luckily, there are plenty of free websites out there which offer a library of free books ranging from classics to picture books to modern day fables. These sites are easy to access and have books that are appropriate for all ages. So next time your child or grandchild whines that they want a book to read, you can save yourself a trip to the library or bookstore. Just open up one of these free sites and let them choose which book they want to read.

Online portals are not only developed for entertainment but also for education, there is a lot of content that students can become familiar with. For example, there are sites where you can find free online books for kids. In the past, online portals did not offer as many resources where children could find the books of their choice. But fortunately, there are now websites that cater to all their needs if they want access to all the new books.

If you also want your child to have access to relevant books, you are at the right page. Here, we are going to tell you where to find free online children’s books, so that next time, you won’t have to wonder where to find the best book for your child. Stay tuned for the best portal.

Free books for children Website:-

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress offers classic children’s books online for free. A library card is not required. It has a full page scanning feature that allows the user to experience reading an old book. Users can easily choose and receive a book ranging from retro classics to original illustrations. If you want to download the book for your kids, browse the category and get it right away.

Storyline online

Storyline online is a portal developed by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. It features actors and actresses going through and reading their children’s books. For each story you learn on the portal, there is a free course guide that you can watch on Schooltube or YouTube. The content available on the portal meets the needs of the children and through the lessons they will learn new skills.

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Open Library

The Open Library is a non-profit online archive accessible to users. A collection of links to free online books is updated regularly, and they are all aimed at children and adults. Currently, there are nearly 20,000 free games for kids that users can easily download. Some games are new and some are classic, but they all have well thought out content so your child is sure to enjoy them.

Free children’s stories

Free Children’s Stories is a portal that aims to bring traditional content and a piece of history to every child and parent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or a teacher. If you want, the child should be taught a good content that should choose this portal. They have organised a selection of online books based on the story, and they involve children aged 3 to 10. The categorisation has already been done and the user can choose from them.

Book Trust

Book Trust is a portal where users can access all interactive books. You can easily download or read online. For children there are several classic books and some modern editions. Flip through the pages to find the best book. Moreover, it also offers online games for kids that will improve the skills of your children.

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International children’s digital library

The International Children’s Digital Library discovers books from all over the world. It is a free website that allows users to read books on their own. But they can’t download the content. Children and adults can discover different regions of the world and understand the cultures of other countries. The platform also provides children with access to international content, meaning they can easily read content from other countries.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is one of the best places to find children’s books online. This is the award-winning website of Oxford University Press. The main reason for creating this portal is to give children access to well-researched books that help them learn about culture and other aspects in detail. On this portal you, as a parent, will find sufficient tools and games to promote your child’s reading skills.

National Geographic Young Explorer

National Geographic Young Explorer is essentially a magazine for preschool children. Accessible not only for preschoolers, but also for first-graders, and also some content. You can just listen to the magazine and follow the highlighted text. It awakens their interest in factual stories and helps them understand certain aspects in detail.

Library in the clouds

Cloud Library is a portal similar to Overdrive, where users must validate their library card number and then access the app on their computer and mobile device. Here users can read and download the titles online. The best part is the categorization, which allows users to find a book based on their child’s interests.


Overdrive is a program available to many schools and public libraries that allows library users to easily borrow e-books and audiobooks. You don’t have to pay a cent. If the library you are visiting has access to the same server, you can simply log into the app with your mobile device and answer a few questions. With this little search, you can easily find all your favorite books in your favorite language. There is a categorization that makes it easy to find the books you are looking for.


Storynory is a portal dedicated to classic audio stories for children, as well as some original stories. Here you will find several easy-to-read stories, with the text also on the page. Moreover, it is possible to download audio recordings to the computer, so that the teacher and the parents can download the book for a better explanation. Users can easily translate the text into different languages if needed.

Amazon free children’s books

Amazon, one of the most popular shopping portals, also offers free e-books for children. Here you will find more than 3,000 ebooks available. Just browse the free e-books section on Amazon to check them out. Make sure you log in with your Amazon account or you won’t be able to access all three books.


Read to me is a bit like storyline online, featuring all the popular children’s books. There will be books available from all the artists. In addition, instructions are provided for specific activities needed to hone your child’s skills. It contains discussion questions that also focus on your child’s skills.


Last but not least on the list is Hoopla, another service that gives users access to a local library. On this portal you will find a long list of popular and new titles. Users can download graphic novels and some movies and music according to their needs. Moreover, the interface of the portal is quite easy to understand, which clearly means that all your entertainment needs will be met with its help.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the free online children’s book site now to easily find a book your child will love. Make sure you follow the application and portal requirements for the best interface and experience.

Also, stay tuned to for the latest information and current technology needs in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my child read books online for free?

Many parents are not aware that kids can read books online for free at several different websites. The are many reasons why a parent would want to read online with their child. Some parents may not be able to afford a library membership, or they may not have access to a library. Other parents may just want their child to learn how to use an e-reader or read on a computer screen, instead of a tablet or smart phone. Excerpts: Online, there are plenty of places where kids can read books online for free. From Amazon to the Public Library, there are lots of ways to enjoy books online.

Where can I download children’s books for free?

There are plenty of websites out there with free children’s ebooks, but finding them can be difficult. Here’s a list of the best sites to try. For the sake of convenience, we’ve chosen to list the sites in alphabetical order, but this isn’t meant to show preference for any particular site. We encourage you to try them all out. As many of us know, there are a lot of places where you can download ebooks for free. However, some of them are not kid-friendly places. There is also a lot of legal gray area when it comes to downloading ebooks for free. TechUnwrapped wants you to be able to download ebooks for free, without getting sued. This post will show you where to go to download free kid’s books without breaking any copyright laws.

What is the best website to read books online for free?

The best website to read books online for free is, without a doubt, Project Gutenberg. This free library of over 22,000 ebooks offers classics, and modern works, from award-winning authors, and even some of the textbooks you may have to read in school. The books are presented in simple, HTML format. You can even download them to your computer to read them offline, or transfer them to a device such as the Amazon Kindle. There are a ton of websites that offer free books online. However, there’s really only one site that is truly the best for reading books online for free: Project Gutenberg. The site offers over 45,000 free ebooks, and lets you download them for free in ePub, Kindle, HTML, or plain text format. You’ll find everything from classic novels to rare texts, although the vast majority of titles are out-of-copyright.

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