5 Switch games that cannot be missing at your parties with friends

There is nothing like passing a weekend afternoon having a great time with your group of friends to games of those that make you desperate when you lose heavily and make it clear who is the best. And if there is a console that in that aspect is the queen of the place, that is Nintendo Switch, which offers a catalog of wonders that you must have in your personal library.

It’s time to break up friendships

As we said, there are few pleasures in life better than, with your group of trusted friends, throw a party and that the main entertainment is to gather around the console and battle to see who is the best. And that is why, to commemorate the arrival of the good weather and the desire to make group plans is increasing, we bring you a top 5 of the best games for Nintendo Switch focused on enjoying that face-to-face, face-to-face competition. which are the most satisfying.

1, 2, switch

We start with one of the console’s launch titles. This cartridge consists of a series of very basic mini-games, such as cowboy duels or addictive ping pong. We will be able to face each other either in pairs or in groups with the rest of our colleagues. Although it may seem VERY simple, I warn you that it is extraordinarily crazy and fun.

Nintendo Switch Sports

A classic of Nintendo consoles and it is that, since its inception, they have been aware that the world of sports is inseparably linked to that of video games. In this review of the Wii classic we can enjoy sports like tennis, bowling, golf or even fencing in the company of our more sporty colleagues. If you like to exercise, you will love this one 100%. You can buy it at:

51 Worldwide Games

This title is a digital version of the tabletop classic Games Reunited Geyper –saving the distances– and it is about a compilation of classic games belonging to cultures from all corners of the planet. The peculiarity is that, depending on the number of players you are, you will be able to access a selection of sports titles, cards, table games and a very long etc. From the most classic to some of which we did not know existed. You can buy it at:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

10 years old in 2023 this Mario Kart 8 which came first to Wii U and He’s still king when it comes to breaking up friendships. We assure you that few things are more despicable than, when you are winning, seeing a blue shell thrown at you and making you lose several positions. In addition, with the large number of circuits it has -remember the last big update-, surely you will not get bored. Essential at any self-respecting party. You can buy it at:

Super Mario Party

Another classic among the classics that is perfect for any celebration. In teams of four you will go around a board while you complete minigames that will make some become winners and others suffer the most absolute misery. Few games are as fun to play in a group as this one. You can buy it at:

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