Abandoned leaves us until August (with possible riddle?)

We were left until August

The mysterious survival horror game PS5 exclusive which was going to be presented today, has decided to postpone its staging to be delayed until August. This was announced by the head of the project, Hasan Kahraman, who with a new video posted on Twitter announced that unfortunately the application will be delayed until August.

This new date is a tough stick for those who were waiting to know the game once and for all, but what it has undoubtedly caused, is to once again flood all those lovers of conspiracies with a sea of ​​doubts, either because they have totally drained the theory or because they are still clinging to it, now more than ever.

What about Kojima?

Kojima Summer Game Fest

As you are sure you are aware, the numerous clues and alleged coincidences of Abandonen have invited many users to think that the game is actually the new version of Silent Hill, and behind him is Hideo Kojima himself. The developer herself has denied on two occasions that they have nothing to do with Konami or Kojima, but that only fueled the fire of rumors.

The next appointment was today, and finally the illusion of many has faded, and that Hasan has confirmed that the announcement of the game will not arrive until the month of August. But why delay an ad for 3 days and then take it two months further?

Is there something behind all this?

Silent Hills Kojima

The whole mystery could end this delay today. Finally we would be before a studio that has played risky taking advantage of the trend of rumors created by fans, and could have been overwhelmed by the situation. But Kojima fans are not going to give up so easily, and they remain determined that there is something behind it all.

That’s where the YouTube channel AbandonedTheGame comes into play, an apparently fake channel created by a fan, but that posted a countdown of several hours that ended up coinciding with Hasan’s announcement of the delay posted on Twitter. The most interesting thing is that the broadcast continues its course despite the fact that the countdown has ended, and currently you can hear sound effects that are reminiscent of those of that dark radio that we could hear in the corridors of PT

Morse codes

But there is more (yes, there is more). The broadcast also had prepared a series of Morse codes that have been appearing little by little, leaving the messages “Find the source” and “Reality bends to my will but my mind is delusional”. my will but my mind is delusional). Is this broadcast official? Is someone playing with our illusion or is there something behind all this Machiavellian movement?

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