Adidas will create (finally!) The Simpsons shoes that we all wanted

In recent years, Adidas has been very focused on collaborations with other franchises. Thanks to this, the sports brand has surprised us with the most varied products. just a few days ago, Adidas launched some for sale new sneakers from your Simpsons collection. The model was a tribute to Marge, and they quickly went viral because they had a really creative design. However, we already anticipated that it shouldn’t be long before one more item from the collection would be announced. And so it has been.

Has Adidas listened to the fans?

Last week, Adidas presented its new model of sneakers by Marge Simpson. The product became a viral phenomenon because it took the part for the whole. Instead of being an Adidas Stan Smith with a couple of drawings of the character, this time, the entire shoe was covered in blue fleece.

These fun sneakers would be added to the catalog of Adidas x The Simpsons alongside the Ned Flanders McCartens, which are designed to look like boat shoes. And we don’t forget the Adidas Superstar Snowball II, a most curious sneaker, also covered in wool.

However, as fun as Marge’s sneaker launch was, the internet was abuzz with comments saying there was an item missing from the collection. With a product like Marge’s on the table, it was obvious that they should have made another identical model, but recreating the famous meme of Homer hiding in the bushes. In the news in which we talked about Marge’s model, we made a lot of emphasis that Adidas would not miss the opportunity, and we made a small montage of how her shoe should look. Well, just a few days after the presentation of Marge’s Stan Smith, Adidas has already announced that it will release a similar model with the Homer meme.

Adidas goes ahead and presents the model that everyone wanted to see

adidas homer.jpg

Some images of this new collaboration between Adidas and The Simpsons. In this case, the model that we have been able to see is not as exaggerated as the one that we had imagined and recreated by Photoshop.

Homer’s model will be much more sober. The entire surface of the shoe will be colored whitewith some green details. On the tongue, an Adidas Stan Smith badge can be clearly seen alongside a small simple drawing of the character. The entire interior of the shoe is white, with the sole in green.

adidas homer 2.jpg

The fun part will be in the heel. Compared to Marge’s model, Homer’s version will only have the back of the shoe decorated with wool. Nevertheless, the design is just as we had imagined italthough with a darker green that suits the design of the Stan Smith great.

For now, these images are the only thing we have of this model. It is possible that these shoes will arrive at the Adidas store in the coming months. However, surely much sooner we can see more information about this release.

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