Epic confirms payment of $ 6 million to Apple

The soap opera between Epic and Apple seems to be at a key point right now. From Epic Games the company’s own CEO Tim Sweeney, confirmed in his official Twitter account a few hours ago the payment of the 6 million dollars to Apple for damages decreed by the judge, in turn they indicated a few hours ago that they would appeal the sentence imposed by the high court.

In this sense, everything indicates that we will have more confrontations in the remainder of the year and supposedly both companies continue to “face” directly. In the meantime iOS users will be left with no option to play the popular game Fortnite for a long time on your devices.

Epic’s message is clear and they will not sit still before the sentence

What may seem like a near end to the judge’s sentence Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, It will remain at one more point in the process and that is that both parties do not give in in any case. Now after Sweeney’s tweet, we’ll see how the topic progresses:

All those who expected a firm resolution already have it but in no case does it seem to be the end of a confrontation between two large companies over a matter of commissions and purchase links to Epic’s own website when it is clear that the rules of the App Store prevented it. The sanction imposed by the judge on Epic is an estimate of income between the months that the rules were broken in the Apple store and a proportional part of what they had entered until the conclusion of the trial. We will see more news about this case for sure …

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