All-time low price for the Logitech G203, what a deal!

I have had, have and will have many mice at home as keyboards or monitors I can house. I do not need this Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC and yet after having tried it a long time ago, seeing this incredible offer … I am tempted to buy it. But first, and as a review for those who do not have it fresh, we are going to know in depth this best-seller of one of the most prestigious brands on the market.

Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC, as basic as it is precise

No eccentricities, sober, basic, almost perfect, minimalist like himself and yet people love it. This mouse has a classist design that does not try to impress, but when you have it in your hand it fits like a glove and gives you a few minutes a confidence and precision that in the end you end up raising your hand to look at it and ask yourself how is it going so extremely well?

It is a design that is so proven that it works that it is unchanging, much like the original SteelSeries Sensei in concept and unchanging over time. Its shape adapts to any hand and type of grip, with contained proportions and soft curves, the simplicity made into a mouse that leaves you wondering if it is worth spending more holding it in your hands.

We start from a new design in the main clicks such as the right and left that make up a tension system with metal springs patented called Logitech G. This ensures not only a more mechanical and “palatable” touch, but an unmistakable precision that the click was effective and consistent, making it addictive.

Measure in your height 116.6 mm, has a width of 62.15 mm and a depth of 38.2 mm for a total weight of 85 grams with a 2.1 meter cable.

Patented HERO Sensor and RGB LIGHTSYNC

Logitech G203 Lightsync

It is time to talk about your sensor, since we start from a HERO cut in performance until the 8000 DPI, more than enough for any player, even semi-professionals. In exchange for not having more DPI this sensor is programmable through Logitech G HUB by software in up to 5 presets, which guarantees an improved control for each type of user.

Of course, RGB lighting could not be absent, since this Logitech G203 will allow us to create color profiles with up to 16.8 million colors in a system that crosses its profile almost the entire mouse and also illuminates the logo.

What about the price you may be wondering? Well, we start from the 49.99 euros that usually costs some incredible 19.82 euros, a fall from 52% off.

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