AMD surpasses NVIDIA with its new RX 6950 XT gaming graphics

Beware of the change in trend that could occur if NVIDIA does not wake up with the next generation of graphics cards for gaming. And it is that from the outset the bet that it launched a little over a month ago seems to collide directly with the latest from AMD, its RX6950XTwhich apparently gets a performance increase quite high compared to its predecessor. These are the data obtained in 3DMarkWill they carry over to gaming?

There are only a few days left to reveal all this framework and although the new RX 6000 Refresh, or I rehash as some like to call them (let each one choose what to call them) seem like a small step forward, the first results do not show that, which we are going to try explain, because it is puzzling.

AMD RX 6950 XT, AMD’s return to the top?

No one can deny that RDNA 2 has been a blow from Lisa Su to Intel as Zen 2 was at the time for Intel. The three GPUs that the red team is going to present are not only a step forward, but they would outshine NVIDIA’s options in performance and consumption, something unheard of for almost 20 years.

Three tests within the 3DMark suite: Time Spy, Fire Strike and Port Royal, three arguments to be hopeful in the fact that the red team is once again competitive in performance and much more in price, the prelude to what is to come? come with the RDNA 3 architecture and the RX 7000? It may be, but let’s see what AMD has achieved.

The first thing we must take into account is that the tests that we are going to see have been carried out on a different and exclusive equipment for the RX 6950 XT, such as the CPU. Ryzen 7 5800X3D with RAM to 3,600MHzit is not that it gives it more or less advantage since the suite measures and differentiates the total and GPU performance, but it should be noted because the data that will be shown for this card and the other two may be somewhat optimistic in this regard , equally real, but not comparatively perfect.

Ahead of or on par with NVIDIA

We will discuss the comparisons when the reviews come to port and already in the same conditions, but what we can see here is that AMD would be ahead of NVIDIA under that PC with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. It is claimed that the RTX 3090 Ti with the same system is either extremely even or maybe 1% higherwhich is within the error range of any current measurement.

In addition, as we can see, the RX 6750 XT is faster than the RTX 3070 and it is ensured that the RX 6650 XT is also faster than the RTX 3060. Of the three tests, only in Port Royal NVIDIA is ahead of AMD with a wide difference according to the data that has been shown, but this is not new and shows the superiority of greens in Ray Tracing, but not in pure performance without this technology in play.


This data may come to nothing as soon as builders release their custom models, as they will reach higher frequencies and therefore AMD would regain the performance crown as such since NVIDIA already squeezes almost the most out of the RTX 3090 Ti in its Reference version or as they like to name it: Founders Edition.

But how is such a jump in performance possible? Just yesterday we saw the percentage differences of the cards and we took the Boost frequency as a reference. Well, it seems that these new GPUs place more emphasis on the higher gaming frequency than those of their predecessors, where they would go almost 100MHz above according to rumors thanks to AMD optimizations for these paired chips.


Therefore, and as we have always defended, the TFLOPS have not marked the real differences in this sense and it seems at the same time that the increase in the frequency of the memory help more than expected for the performance to take off, apparently assuming less of a bottleneck in these new graphics cards.

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