Apple Maps‌ in the Netherlands lets you report traffic incidents

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is another of Apple’s services that continues to add improvements constantly and from today the users of this Apple maps application in the Netherlands can report traffic incidents while on a route.

The version of Maps in iOS 14.5 added a new feature for US users to warn others of problems on the road caused in a timely manner. These incidents would basically be dangers, accidents or any unusual incident such as construction works or the like.

Now users of Apple Maps‌ in the Netherlands, already have this function active so that they warn other drivers about these dangers and problems on the road and also according to the medium iCultre, the Cupertino firm will continue to expand these types of functions and others like the speed limits of the road and others.

For some time now, the improvements in Apple Maps have been constant but in this case the company does not add this option worldwide and is implementing it little by little. The functionality to report a problem is present in all countries, but to warn about a specific incident is not. (Ambien) For now it is active now in the Netherlands, the United States and ChinaWe will see how long it takes to launch this service in the rest of the countries. It can be interesting for many users who make the same route every day and is that warning of an accident is simple, it can be done with Siri directly or using the Maps menu «Report a problem».

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