Apple May Launch New Grade II Medical Device

MyHealthyApple has discovered a list in which Apple is expected to launch a new class II medical device. It is not really clear that it is a standalone release or could be a feature for the Apple Watch or other existing devices. Class II means devices that pose a moderate to high risk to the user.

In a recent job listing, the American company states that it is seeking a project manager who is responsible for regulatory support for product presentation, approvals, and preparation for a possible launch. So at least MyHealthApple has collected it in an entry on its digital blog. This project manager will work in the hardware division of the company. That suggests that there may be a future Class II medical product or health feature for the Apple Watch.

Class II medical devices are those that, as we said before, present a moderate to high risk for the user. For example, the Apple Watch’s electrocardiogram (ECG) and irregular heartbeat features are listed in that area. Although it is not to worry or be alarmed, since Almost half of the medical devices and functions are cataloged by that name.

Could we be a new function of the Apple Watch ?. It is very feasible because of course the Apple watch is much more than a device to tell the time or receive messages. The much-rumored glucose sensor comes to mind. In fact, it was already given as something real and it may be that with this job announcement the existence of that new sensor is being confirmed. As always when we talk about rumors, we will have to wait and we will stay tuned to what happens to be able to tell you.

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