Discord adds the expected threads function in its version for macOS

Discord has released a new update to its app, an update that add Threads function to keep the conversations more organized on the big channels. This functionality has been available for a long time in Telegram, Apple Messages, Slack and Twitter among others. Discord describes this new feature as:

A thread is a quick way to branch a conversation out of a channel’s main feed without removing it from the channel itself. When a thread is posted, all responses after the first post appear in a separate feed allowing all participants in the thread to discuss a topic in more detail without interrupting the main conversation. After a certain period of inactivity – 24 hours by default – the thread is archived, eliminating clutter for everyone who visits the channel.

Discord explains how it works using the example of a #football channel. If people start talking about rugby, community members can quickly take that conversation to a thread within the same channel. Once the rugby talk has died down, the thread is automatically archived.

Discord threads

Any new message can be starting a new thread on Discord pressing the + button. If you want to start one from an existing message, you just have to hover over it, choose the “#” button in the chat bar and select the “Create thread” option.

Active threads will appear in the Channel List and clicking on one of them will bring up a full screen version. It is possible to create private threads in Discord for servers that have reached level 2. These level 2 servers can also increase the time a thread remains active until it is automatically archived, up to a week instead of 24 hours.

Threads functionality is also available via the latest Discord app update for iPhone and iPad.

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