Are you coming back from vacation and want to save electricity at home? These changes are perfect for September

You will see that, simply by performing some changes, you may notice that the electricity consumption decreases. You can see that your devices, especially the ones you use the most, are going to use less energy to work. You can apply all this at any time and start spending less.

Save light after summer

These changes can serve you more or less depending on the temperature where you live, the habits you have had during the vacation, etc. However, you will always find a way to try to reduce consumption. If you use home automation, it can be useful to install Mesh systems.

Disconnect what you no longer use

Here we can name, especially, devices such as the air conditioning or fans. The days are already getting cooler, although it is still hot in many places, and that makes us use these devices less. Now, having the air conditioning or a fan always connected to electricity will cause them to have a small consumption.

Therefore, our advice is that you disconnect these devices if you are no longer going to use them or will use them much less. It will help you end ghost consumption and you will save on your electricity bill. In fact, it is estimated that phantom consumption can be over 10% of total spending.

change habits

In summer, in the hottest months, we recommend ventilating the house first thing in the morning and thus taking advantage of the cooler temperature. We also advised, as far as possible, to lower the blinds or use awnings and thus prevent heat from entering. However, now it is convenient to change habits.

For example, you should take more advantage of the hours of sun if you’re going to be at home longer. Try to open the blinds, move to rooms where sunlight enters more hours, also ventilate at night, since the temperature drops earlier and more than in the hottest months, etc.

Save light with a smart energy monitor

Take advantage of the cheapest hours

In summer it is more common to spend less time at home. You may go to the pool, go out more in the afternoons and nights with friends, etc. On the other hand, once September arrives, many habits change. We spend more time at home, the days have fewer hours of sunlight, etc.

You can take advantage of this, in many cases, to put certain electrical appliances in the cheapest hours. if you have one rate with hourly discrimination, you could take the opportunity to put the washing machine, turn on the oven or the dishwasher, in the hours when electricity costs less. By spending more time at home, it will be easier.

Make a change to your appliances

You can save electricity by using any appliance at home. Many of them have different modes. For example, you can put the washing machine in Eco mode, the dishwasher also in saving mode, raise the temperature of the refrigerator by one degree (if possible) or any other that has the option of changing the mode.

It may even be a good time to change your older appliances. The difference between having an appliance that is many years old and one that is newer, more energy efficient, can be significant. Especially, it is more than remarkable when we talk about high consumption appliances.

Therefore, as you can see make some changes and adjustments after vacations to save energy at home. September is a good month to make changes in habits and you can also apply this when it comes to saving on your electricity bill. Sometimes, only with certain adjustments, you will be able to lower spending a lot.

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