Arkham Horror: The Card Game will have a new core set

Arkham Horror – The Card Game is now a milestone in the world of table games and now Fantasy Flight Games has announced that it will release a new updated base set.

The new core set of Arkham Horror – The Card Game will make it easier for newbies to enter the Lovecraftian world

For those who do not know him, Arkham Horror – The Card Game is an adventurous collaborative card game which offers a huge world to explore and conquer, with new expansions released frequently, for 1-2 players, also excellent to play alone,

In the past few days, the game’s publisher has confirmed that the core set many of the more experienced may be familiar with will receive a makeover. Although the news may not please veterans who may be forced to buy back the new version to play future expansions, the new core set of Arkham Horror – The Card Game it will facilitate entry into the game mechanics for newbies.

To be honest, nothing about the game itself has changed. This is the same Arkham Horror: The Card Game that many have come to know and love over the past five years, and none of the cards included in the Revised Core Set are new.

The rules are the same, the campaign is the same, the experience is the same. The cards are mostly the same too, with the only difference being the inclusion of a handful of higher tier cards from some of the game’s previous expansions to give new players more options when they spend experience.

The main difference is given by the new player counter: a complete playset will now be included to allow participation up to four players directly in the basic box (previously it was already possible to play 4 but needed 2 basic sets to do it)

The decks have also been better organized to make it easier to find the cards: the investigators are packaged together with the cards in the suggested starting deck, and the scenarios are now packaged separately. Additionally, there are new resources numbered nine clue / threat tokens and a lead investigator token will also be included.

The revised edition of Arkham Horror – The Card Game the next will come out October.

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