Inkulinati: the new trailer reveals that the game will be released “in this century”

With a new trailer released on the occasion of theIGN Summer of Gaming 2021, Deadalic Entertainment and the developer Yaza Games showed new gameplay portions of the long awaited strategy game Inkulinati, ironically at the end of the movie that the expected title will be released “in this century”.

The new Inkulinati trailer

While fans continue to wonder when they will be able to get their hands on the game, which still has a generic “2021” as its release date on the official Steam page, the new Inkulinati trailer reminded us why we are anxiously awaiting its arrival; thanks to a truly inspired artistic style and a game system that, in the preview phase, seems to have convinced everyone a bit.

here is the new trailer of Inkulinati, followed by the official description of the game:

Inkulinati is a strategy game in which medieval manuscripts come to life and a rabbit’s rear end can be more lethal than a dog’s sword.

Take part in Inkulinati’s duels and be amazed by their unexpected tactical complexity (and their humor!). Embark on an ever-changing journey, build your bestiary, defeat legendary medieval characters and reap perks with which you can unleash special powers.

Become a living ink master, grab your pen and work out a unique strategy from time to time to become the greatest Inkulinati of all time!

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