ARM increases its offer of products and services in the Internet of Things, 5G and virtual hardware

The company ARM, which is dedicated to the design and development of chips that other manufacturers with authorization and license use as a basis later to develop their chips, has announced several novelties that expand its offer of products and services in the fields of Internet of Things, virtual hardware and 5G.

Among these novelties is Total Solutions for IoT, which offers a complete solution to accelerate the development and ROI of Internet of Things chips through a unique approach to design for IoT. This initiative will simplify and modernize software development, accelerating time to market for developers and vendors. In addition, it has announced a new initiative, known as Project Centauri, which will drive the standards and frameworks needed to develop markets that can serve and scale Internet of Things software innovation.

According Mohamed Awad, Vice President of Internet of Things and Integrated, ARM, «Through a radical change in how systems are designed, ARM is uniquely positioned to drive a new Internet of Things economy that rivals the shape, speed and size of the smartphone industry’s app economy. ARM Total solutions for IOT changes the way we have been delivering key technology to the entire ecosystem and demonstrates our continued and significant investment in software that will empower developers to innovate and achieve global impact.«.

ARM Virtual Hardware

Another novelty announced by the company is ARM Virtual Hardware, that eliminates the need to develop using physical elements and components, which allows shared hardware and software design and accelerates product design no less than two years, according to ARM.

ARM Virtual Hardware employs modern agile software development methodologies, such as continuous integration and deployment (CI / CD), DevOps and MLOps to the Internet of Things and embedded platforms. All without having to invest in complex hardware farms. This new cloud-based offering offers a virtual model of ARM’s Corstone subsystem to enable software development without the need for silicon or hardware.

With accurate models of ARM-based chip designs offering mechanisms for simulating memory or peripherals, among other elements, software development and testing can be done prior to component availability. This reduces a typical product design cycle from an average of five years to about three years, reducing it more than significantly. According to ARM, Corstone has already accelerated time-to-market for more than 150 designs of the company’s silicon standards.

5G Solutions Lab

ARM has also announced 5G Solutions Lab, a 5G solutions laboratory that opens in collaboration with the engineering service provider Tech Mahindra, and the support of several of the main players in the sector. It will focus on accelerating innovation for network infrastructure by offering partners in the company’s hardware and software ecosystem a seat so they can meet and demonstrate 5G solutions in a live test environment.

The laboratory comes at a time when 5G wireless networks are already in operation in more than 60 markets around the world, and in which the number of 5G connections is expected to reach 692 million worldwide by the end of this year. anus. The Lab is intended to be a meeting point where hardware and software developers, operators, and cloud service providers can come together to define KPIs, projects and deployment guides to help bring 5G to life and also generate revenue with Faster.

The company views the lab as a ARM ecosystem catalyst for develop and deploy a 5G network infrastructure you take advantage of the performance, power, and cost benefits of ARM architecture. As we have mentioned, there are several technologies that support this project, such as EdgeQ, Gigabyte, Marvell, Nvidia, NXP and Qualcomm; as well as operators such as Dish and Vodafone and software developers such as Accelleran, Radisys, Mavenir and Parallel Wireless. If all goes according to plan, the ARM 5G Solutions Lab will be available to developers early next year 2022.

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