At least 5 European countries used Pegasus

The controversy surrounding Pegasus, the espionage system created and marketed by the Israeli company NSO Group is far from disappearing. Quite the contrary, both the revelations that have been produced over the last few months, as well as the response from the different states that intend to limit the use of this type of tool, point to a complicated future for both Pegasus and for NSO Group.

The company, in an attempt to improve its imagehave recognized mistakes in the past and claim to be aware of them and to be working to prevent their recurrence. In addition, it has inaugurated a new, more transparent communication policy (or so it seems), also trying to point out the defects of its competition: «We are trying to do the right thing and that is more than other companies working in the industry”said Chaim Gelfand, the company’s general counsel and chief compliance officer, according to a report by Politico.

As part of this new communication policy, the company has recognized that a minimum of five European states would have made use of Pegasus in the past, although unsurprisingly he has not indicated which ones. This, however, poses an uncomfortable situation within the European Union, given that the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) already called, at the beginning of the year, not to allow the use of Pegasus, while Other community institutions are working to establish a regulation on the use of this type of services by the states.

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