Avoid scams! This is the most important thing you should protect on the Internet

It is important that you always protect all your data on the Internet, passwords and any service you use. However, there is something that stands out above all: email. In this article we tell you why it is the most important thing and you should protect it at all times. We are also going to give you some tips to avoid computer attacks and you can protect your email.

Providers like Gmail and Outlook are some of the best known, but you should protect your email no matter which service you use. They can launch a wide variety of attacks, such as Phishing, sending malware or stealing your password through brute force. That can seriously put your privacy and security on the network at risk.

It is key to protect the e-mail

But why is it so important to protect email? The main reason is that it is a service where we host information of all kinds. It can even act as a password recoverer. Surely at some point you have forgotten an access code and you have given it to remember and they have sent you a new one by mail. What happens if someone has access to your email? I could control all your accounts.

Also, in the email you could store messages very varied. You may have important emails that you have shared with co-workers, family or friends. It is even possible that you use it to store personal documents, where you include data that you do not want to be exposed on the network.

On the other hand, mail is something that identifies you on the Internet. If an attacker manages to break into your account, he could send emails on your behalf. Basically what it would do is impersonate your identity, which could give rise to the possibility of having more options to attack a third party. It could contact a family member or friend, as if it were you, and ask them to click on a link or download a malicious file.

How to prevent email theft

What can we do to prevent email theft? Something essential is avoid making mistakes. Beware of Phishing attacks, for example. Never click and log in through third party links. Do not share data that could end up in the wrong hands. You should also not install unofficial apps. Avoiding opening spam emails can help you improve protection.

You should also have a good anti virus. Having security programs allows you to increase protection and detect the entry of possible malware that puts devices at risk. There are many options, such as Microsoft Defender, Avast or Bitdefender, among others.

Another factor that cannot be missing is to use a good password. It is the main security barrier to prevent intruders in the mail. Use a key that is strong and complex. Ideally, it should contain letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols, all of which are always random.

As you can see, protecting your email is essential to avoid having security problems. They could control your accounts if they have access. Avoid making mistakes, always use official applications, have a good antivirus and a strong password, it is essential.

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