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The fans of resident Evil in general but, especially those of this fourth part, they had the month of March marked in red on the calendar because it will be the one who sees it arrive at the stores. And although many have already enjoyed this title in several versions in the past (from the original to another HD), it is clear that Capcom’s work on this occasion practically makes it a new title to enjoy as if it were a absolute novelty.

Discounted before launch

resident evil 4 It will hit stores on March 24. and it will do so with two different versions for sale. At least in the case of PC, which is where the two offers that we have found for you will be concentrated and that you can take advantage of right now through the well-known Fanatical website, where we have seen its price reduced a bit. Just enough so that you are not too lazy to drop the 59.99 euros for the normal edition or the 69.99 for the Deluxe Edition that comes with some digital gifts.

In both cases, it is about the purchase of redeemable codes on Steam and with each one, we will receive some goodies that will come in handy during the adventure. Thus, for example, for the normal edition of resident evil 4 we will get a briefcase that seems to be made of gold and a pistol ammunition. It goes without saying how expensive bullets are to find in these games. On the other hand, for the Deluxe Edition They will give us two briefcases, one normal and one gold, more ammunition and some herbs for the road.

The discount that you can get right now is 15%, so the prices of the two editions of resident evil 4 for PC (Steam) like this:

An adventure with dyes… Hispanic?

This game was originally released in 2005 for PlayStation 2 but it has had countless versions so we have been able to enjoy it until today, even before the arrival of this remake which is already ending Capcom. What’s more, one of its original points is that a good part of its settings and characters are inspired by locations in our country, since the Japanese have never hidden where they got some of the ideas for the locations and situations that we will experience in this resident evil 4.

In just 18 days we will be able to see how well the company has done its umpteenth remakeafter those carried out in the first three and which have managed to sell millions of units around the world, updating the saga and revealing it to new generations who will continue to be hallucinated under the spell of the mythical Capcom franchise.

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