Can I buy an Apple Card in Spain?

The Apple Card is a financial product that has generated great interest around the world since its launch in August 2019, since it presented a new step towards Apple banking by presenting a credit card without commissions and prioritizing security and privacy. of its users. Four years later, many users wonder if it is possible to acquire an Apple Card in Spain and, in this post, we are going to see it.

The Apple Card situation

Until the cut-off date of the knowledge of this language model, Apple Card was not officially available in Spain or in any other European country, since, for the moment, it has an exclusive use for the US, which means that users in Spain could not request or use it directly.

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Its non-arrival is not because Apple does not want to launch its card in an economy as important as the European and Spanish ones, but rather, it must comply with the financial and consumer protection regulations of each country in which it plans to offer its card. Another reason is that the company needs to establish alliances with local banks, something that can take time and require complex negotiations. For example, in the United States, it has done so through Golden schas.


Another reason for its delay is that the card has to comply with Apple’s security and privacy standards, and, therefore, the card must not have a number, expiration date, or CVV security code, which guarantees that even in cases of theft, transactions of large amounts cannot be made. Yes, the name of the owner appears, of course, but in the end that remains insufficient data as the other data related to the card is not available.

An alternative

As you already know, Apple Card is not available in Spain or in Europe, but there are different alternatives for those users who are looking for credit cards with similar features, such as loyalty programs, easy-to-use mobile applications and some of them without commissions. .

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You can also use European online banks that maintain a good relationship with Apple such as N26, ING or Bnext, which offer the same functionalities that Apple Card offers in the United States, banks where Apple is showing more interest. All of these cards are compatible with Apple Pay, making it easy to make payments from Apple devices.

The future of the Apple Card in Spain and Europe

Apple’s goal is to ir progressively expanding its Apple Card service and not focus only on the US, above all, because it has an increasing diversification of products that can make the Apple Card very interesting to acquire. Besides, Europe It is one of the most important markets for Apple, so Apple’s financial growth in this regard would be more than enough.

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In fact, in 2020, Apple acquired the mobile payment company Mobeewave, which has a presence in Europe. This could be an indication that the company plans to expand its financial services on the continent, although there is no official confirmation or set timetable for this.

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