Careful! There is a fake ChatGPT that they use to steal your passwords

In recent months we have been able to see a lot of information related to ChatGPT. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of negative news, in which they report how it can affect security or privacy. In this article we are going to talk about FraudGPTa malicious chatbot, created to serve as a tool for hackers to steal passwords or personal data. One more scam, with which we must be very careful on the Internet to avoid falling into trouble.

It is not the first time it has happened. We have already seen the case of WormGPT, similar to the one we are talking about. They use the artificial intelligence maliciously, to more easily create malware, launch phishing attacks and, ultimately, compromise the passwords or personal data of the victims.

FraudGPT, the new threat

It is a bot that works similar to ChatGPT. A person asks a question or sends a text and it is the chat itself that will respond. can give instructions on how to act, how to carry out a certain cyber attack. This is a major problem, since it is available on cybercriminal forums, where people with little knowledge can access and, thanks to this tool, they can learn.

If we use ChatGPT to try to do evil, we will receive a message indicating that it has not been created for this. It will not help generate malware, for example. We have done the test asking “how to do a Phishing attack” and, as you can see in the image below, the answer has been clear.

ChatGPT does not allow computer attacks

However, with FraudGPT things change. With this chatbot we could obtain instructions to carry out internet attacks. For example, you can report websites to get information about online bank card theft or create viruses that are simple but can be a major threat.

According to security researchers who have detected this threat, it is spreading through Telegram channels and Internet forums. They assure that it is exclusively intended for evil, to create Phishing emails, malware tools, card theft, etc. Basically, a chatbot created just to help cybercriminals.

Avoid security problems

From RedesZone we recommend that you be protected at all times. We have seen that artificial intelligence can serve as a very useful tool for hackers, so cyber attacks will be more accessible to many who want to steal passwords or sneak in a virus.

It is key that you always keep the common sense and don’t make mistakes. For example, you shouldn’t click on dangerous links that come to you via WhatsApp or email. Beware of any link that you cannot trust 100%, as it can be a real danger.

Of course, it is very important to have a good anti virus. Having security programs is essential to detect threats as soon as possible and prevent malware from sneaking into us to steal passwords or put privacy at risk by using a Trojan horse and recording everything we do.

Besides, you should also keep everything updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise and should be fixed as soon as possible. Therefore, always try to have the latest versions of the operating system and of any program that you are going to use.

In short, as you can see there is a new chatbot that can be a major security problem. Is about FraudGPT and helps hackers create Phishing attacks or viruses to steal passwords and data. Just as you can tell if an SMS is a fraud, you should be alert and detect any email or page you visit.

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