Carlos Segovia, new financial and human resources director of Grupo QDQ

The QDQ Group has appointed Carlos Segovia as the company’s new financial and HR director. Segovia will contribute its experience and talent to develop new lines of business that continue to help promote the digitization of SMEs and businesses in Spain.

Carlos Segovia has a degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid and has a master’s degree in Finance at CUNEF. He has more than 20 years of international experience in the areas of finance, commercial, digital business, strategy, human resources and growth. In recent years, he has held executive positions of chief financial officer, financial planning and analysis, alliances, strategy and corporate finance.

The appointment of Carlos Segovia is part of the QDQ Group’s growth and development strategy and the need to incorporate new talents. With the election of Segovia for the position, the group incorporates an executive with extensive experience into its board of directors, whose purpose is to lead the strategy and human resources towards the international growth of the company.

This is how Pedro Fernández, CEO of Grupo QDQ, expresses it: “We are excited to have Carlos in such a strategic position as we continue our QDQ Group transformation journey and position our company toward growth, customer success, operational excellence and employee success. Carlos is an excellent professional and a great addition to our governing body and we are looking forward to him helping us get to the next level. ”

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Carlos Segovia indicates: “I am delighted to become part of the QDQ Group and tackle the challenges that arise in the future together. Digitization is, more than an option, a necessity today for Spanish SMEs and businesses and this requires that the companies that offer these services also be agile and can respond quickly to these changes. I hope to help from my new position so that the QDQ Group continues to grow and offer the best possible service to its clients ”.

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