Cobra Kai will continue even after the fifth season: the ending is not yet written

Cobra Kai 4 will debut at the end of this month on Netflix’s streaming catalog but we already know that there will be a fifth season for the TV series sequel to the film. Karate Kid.

But the show conceived by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg And Josh Heald which sees the return of William Zabka And Ralph Macchio in the role of Johnny Lawrence and Danile LaRusso, respectively, he still has a lot to tell.

Will Cobra Kai continue with a sixth and seventh season?

Recently Heald himself, during an interview with Screenrant, explained that there is material to go beyond the fifth season, despite at the moment Cobra Kay 5 is all that Netflix has officially planned:

We have material beyond Season 5. At the moment we have not written anything regarding the end of the series. We are still incredulous that we have managed to make two seasons in the course of this 2021.

It’s crazy and exciting to know how we are way further in history than what audiences have seen so far and will see in Cobra Kai 5.

The fifth season will be even more exciting with many new features that have not yet been seen previously. And it’s not the end yet.

The hints of a possible sixth season of Cobra Kai had already manifested themselves a year ago but, according to the words of Josh Heald, could there be the possibility of reaching Cobra Kai 7 and even beyond? This is a truly flattering prospect for a show that started quietly as a web series on YouTube and then exploded after the first season, a success that has reserved the attention of Netflix.

What will we see in Cobra Kay 4?

In the fourth season Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) will join forces to counter the Cobra Kai that has ended up in the hands of John Kreese (Martin Kove).

Although the two former rivals have the same goal, they both try to pursue it differently, with different teaching styles. To this particular dynamic are added the overbearing and violent ways of Kreese who will be able to count on the help of an old acquaintance of the saga, the Terry Silver played by Thomas Ian Griffith who we’d seen giving Daniel a hard time in Karate Kid III – The final challenge of 1989.

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