Comfort, noise cancellation and Wireless, this is the Newskill Anuki

What can be said about Airpods that hasn’t already been said? With its strengths and weaknesses, it has created the trend that other brands now follow and as such, in its own way and improving what is present, Newskill has designed its new ones with a very similar concept. ANUKI TWS REAL ANC, where the brand will make you rethink even thinking about the Apple product.

Newskill ANUKI TWS REAL ANC, is something missing from this Wireless earphone?

That is the big question, because according to the technical specifications and technologies that it implements, it cannot be said that it is not complete and is at the level of the best, but ahead in many cases. And we are talking about headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 what are they able to offer binaural calls high definition using two premium drivers 10 mm, which will offer us strong bass, defined mids and clean highs in a very balanced mix.


These drivers are controlled by two chips Bluetrum 5396A which offers a connection distance of between 10 and 15 meters without anything to disturb, for example a wall or an upper or lower floor. The battery is made of pure cobalt and has a capacity per earphone of 25 mAh which gives us an autonomy in use of between 3 and 4 hours, while if we add the 12 hours of minimum and the 16 hours of maximum of the case that the porta we have a total of 15 hours of playback at least and 20 maximum.

Premium case with large battery and built-in microphone


The case stores and charges both ANUKI TWS REAL ANC thanks to a battery of 320 mAh with IC protection board. We cannot forget that these Wireless headphones have noise cancellation, which will oscillate between -25 dB and -30 dB, something that is counteracted with 110 dB that they can offer.

The microphone is another strong point, as it has a sensitivity of -38 dB, ensuring a high definition conversation. Noise cancellation is very important to guarantee a correct experience in music, movies or conversations, so we will have three modes available in these ANUKI TWS REAL ANC:

  • ANC
  • Transparency
  • ANC / Transparency Off

As if that were not enough, they have a certificate IPX4 for sweat or splashes (not submersible) and only a delay in the connection of 88 ms even at the average distance of 10 meters they have objectively. As a good comfortable headset its weight is low, only 124 grams, which together with their innovative design will even allow us to do sports, since they adapt like a glove.

To finish we have its price, only 39.95 euros, being available from 23 of this September, although on their website we can pre-buy them, in addition, in two different colors such as black and white.

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