Look no further for 4K 144Hz monitors, this Newskill is on sale!

There are not too many panels available that house a 4K UHD resolution together with a size that for so many pixels can be small. Normally 4K monitors are associated with sizes from 32 inches upwards, some 28 inches exist without a doubt … But 27 inches it is something that is currently being lost.

Newskill Icarus 27 ″ LED IPS, one of the few gaming monitors with the three B’s?

Well, nice, cheap, certainly almost a marketing slogan and one that is rarely fulfilled. Today this Newskill Icarus 27 ″ is going to put your criteria to the test to try to win this award and you as a buyer a monitor that competes with premium brands at a lower price for performance.

And we are talking about a gaming monitor that has been on the market for a short time and with a UHD 4K resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixels it will make the sharpness you see impressive. Part of it is its size, 27 inches and although the size of the pixel is not specified as such, with these figures we assure you that even by sticking your nose to the screen you will be able to distinguish one pixel from another.

And it is that we start from one of the best panel manufacturers in the world such as AUO, which integrates this Newskill Icarus 27»With technology IPS in aspect ratio of 16: 9. Said panel has the honor of hosting a refresh rate of no less than 144 Hz, where their response times are 1 ms MPRT and 5.35 ms for GtG.

Very complete contrast, brightness and connectivity

newskill-icarus-rgb-monitor-gaming-27-4k-ips-144hz-ic274k-4i- (1)

As for contrast and brightness, being an IPS panel that stands out in colors and not so much in these two aspects, we find that in the first of them we will have up to 1000: 1, while in the second of them it goes up to 350 cd / m2Not bad for a monitor with all these features.

If we talk about video connections we see that we have two HDMI 2.0, two DisplayPort 1.4, an audio output and a USB-C as input or HUB. Regarding the dimensions and being a good size monitor, we see that we will obtain with a base included 619 x 514.4 x 232.3 mm. If instead these measures are not suitable for your desk, we can always choose to buy a flexible support arm with VESA 75 × 75 and we will get a more modest 619 x 365.5 x41 mm.

newskill-icarus-rgb-monitor-gaming-27-4k-ips-144hz-ic274k-4i- (2)

Before finishing, the brand does not specify the use of FreeSync or G-SYNC Compatible, only Adaptive-Sync as such, so this model may still be in certification. What is certain is that it will carry either one of the two or both if the panel passes the relevant approvals, especially those of NVIDIA that are more demanding. By the way, it is a monitor with RGB!

As always we will end up talking about the price, since on the brand’s website we can find it for 899 euros, in PcComponentes for 799 euros until yesterday and today after an offer of 15% discount it is a succulent 679 euros.

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