Corsair announces its compatibility with AMD’s Ryzen 7000

Corsairone of the leading companies in products for gamingcontent creators and contexts in which high performance is required, has announced the compatibility with future AMD Ryzen 7000 processorsthing will cover both components that it manufactures and its PC configurator.

Ryzen 7000 is the next generation of AMD processors, which is based on the new Zen 4 architecture, will take advantage of the possibilities of the new socket AM5 and aims to be a good response to Intel’s Alder Lake with an eye to compete with Raptor Lake. Obviously, achieving all of that will require a performance improvement that is expected to be noticeable compared to the previous generation.

Given the remarkable evolution that promises to be Ryzen 7000, Corsair has prepared to have the components that make this generational leap a reality for users who want it. To materialize that, users who want to can build a new AMD system by taking advantage of the free PC Builder program (the brand’s equipment configurator) to preselect compatible pieces of equipment.

Corsair has worked with AMD in preparations for the Ryzen 7000 launch and is updating the PC Builder database so customers can build a parts list for an AMD PC build in minutes powerful and prepared to face any context. PC Builder not only allows you to select components, but also checks the compatibility of the processor, graphics card and motherboard within an extensive catalog.

AMD Ryzen 7000

Among the factors that are checked at the compatibility level are the dimensions of the box, if the fans are consistent (falling short leaves the door open to the dreaded but necessary thermal throttling), power supply capacity, support for RGB lighting, and intelligently optimizing assembled parts to avoid incompatibilities and issues such as bottlenecks, all with the intention of reducing uncertainties in assembly. a desktop PC with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 technology.

Corsair has already taken care of update ELITE LCD, ELITE CAPELLIX and ELITE RGB series liquid cooling products to adapt them to the AM5 socket, the only one supported by Ryzen 7000 processors. This means that the company has worked to adapt its liquid cooling systems for AM4 so that they fit correctly to the new format that will soon be released.

And of course, we could not leave aside the RAM memories. processors Ryzen 7000 will be compatible with DDR5 memory modules, which have brought significant improvements in terms of frequency, bandwidth and capacity. Corsair will be responsible for making available a catalog of high-performance DDR5 RAM memory optimized for the next generation of AMD processors.

Corsair’s product catalog for AMD Ryzen 7000 will be available soon through the company’s website and its PC Builder configurator to allow buyers to get the most optimal computer for their needs.

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