Design spectacular presentations: add emojis in PowerPoint

If we find ourselves in the obligation or need to create a multimedia presentation, one of the objectives of these elements is to be attractive to the audience. A software specially designed for these tasks is Microsoft PowerPointa program that offers us everything we need if we want to design spectacular projects.

This is something that we achieve by designing a complete multimedia presentation based on slides in which we add content of all kinds. We must bear in mind that PowerPoint is currently a powerful enough program that it is not limited to the use of texts. Thus, in our designs we can use all kinds of elements and multimedia objects that give added value to our projects in the program.

This allows us to use images, videosgraphics, three-dimensional objects, WordArt and much more to be part of that presentation. In these lines we want to show you how to use the popular emojis in the most artistic way possible. As many of you probably already know, these elements are used in multiple platforms and programs to show expressions of all kinds in a more visual way. As we will see below, in the Microsoft program the emoji They have evolved to a great extent, all in accordance with the times.

Use awesome emojis in PowerPoint

First of all, we are going to show you how to include a series of emojis that will help us show moods, among other things, in these projects. Furthermore, it is worth knowing that right now we will have the possibility of insert this type of objects in the form of 3D additions. As you can imagine, these will give our PowerPoint project a much more modern and attractive look.

To do this, the first thing we must do is go to the insert menu of the main interface of the presentation program. Here we find a wide variety of content that we can insert into project. Well, in the case at hand we take a look at the section called 3D Models. From it we can add three-dimensional elements that we have stored on the disk drives, or choose between those proposed by the program itself.

emoji powerpoint

Among the different categories that we observe here, we precisely find a so-called Emoji, which is what interests us in this case. We will see a wide variety of dimensional objects in the form of emojis to use in our presentations directly.

More modern similar objects for our presentations

But if we don’t want to focus on the limitations proposed by this series of elements, we can opt for using other similar ones, but more current. These will also help us represent expressions and moods in our projects in a graphic and fun way. In the event that you want to take a look at these elements that we tell you about, in this case we are located in the Icons section.

In the new window that appears we find several tabs, but the one that interests us here is the one called Adhesives. We recommend you take a look at all the content that you will find here and that will surely be more than interesting to include in the presentation. As we told you before, these stickers can be an excellent alternative to emojis to make our PowerPoint project more spectacular.

powerpoint stickers

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