Discover these 12 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

As usual in this type of online services, its top managers offer us a series of official applications. In addition, as a general rule we have the possibility of enjoying these platforms directly from our web browser. We could affirm that the functionality and reliability of these apps It is an increasingly important factor when choosing a proposal of this type, or another.

Due to its widespread use, this type of online streaming platform increasingly offers us a greater number of functions and tools to get the most out of its content. We generally look for an attractive price, good performance, and a wide catalog of content. From there we find multiple functions to make the most of video playback anywhere and anytime.

Along these same lines, we are going to focus on the aforementioned HBO Max platform and we are going to show you some useful tricks to get the most out of it. This will allow us to enjoy our subscription without wasting time and accessing the best content, or at least the ones that interest us the most. Also, you might come across some functions or types of use that you did not know despite being subscribed.

Get more out of your HBO Max subscription

Obviously we are talking about a platform for which we will have to pay a monthly subscription to access all the video content that it offers us.

Share expenses: HBO Max offers us the possibility of sharing our account with two other users, which will obviously allow us to save on the subscription.

Avoid losing this advantage forever: if you were one of the first to subscribe to the video platform, you will pay 50% forever. If you unsubscribe, you lose this discount if you reactivate it.

Customize users: If you share the account with others, you can personalize your own username with a profile picture and favorites list.

hbo profilesdownload videos: through the mobile application we have the possibility of downloading movies and series to watch them when we do not have a connection.

Use your own photos for the profile: from the web version we cannot do it, but the mobile application allows us to use personal photos for our profile.

Manage recent devices: If we don’t know where our HBO Max account is used from, in its settings we can see the latest devices. This allows us to control where the account is opened from.

manage devicesCreate favorites lists: each of the profiles created here can create their own independent favorites list.

Use the search engine and its categories: the online streaming service offers us a powerful search engine for available content. In addition, we find a series of categories that can help us filter these searches.

Limit its use to children: We also have a parental control function to limit access to certain videos by minors. This can be set by the account administrator.

Adapt the subtitles: The different HBO Max applications allow us to customize the appearance of the subtitles. So we can change its size, color, font and opacity.

hbo max subtitleschange language: also from the configuration we can change the language of the application interface. At the same time, by default, the contents will be played in that language, which is very useful in certain circumstances.

Remove content from Continue Watching: If we want to remove series or movies from the Continue Watching section, we can do so. This way they will be removed from our list by simply clicking on the Edit button in this section.

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