Discover these 3 websites to generate faces and people with AI

Known as AI, this element helps us reduce efforts and time on our projects to a great extent. A software sector in which it is being introduced thanks to the great results obtained, is in everything related to working with images. In fact, for some time now a software giant like Adobe has been using artificial intelligence to improve some of its products. For example, thanks to Adobe sensei we have the possibility to save a good amount of time on our personal projects in Photoshop.

All of this is something that is extended to other platforms and applications, as we will see below. And it may be the case that, for some type of work related to graphic design, we need use random faces or people. Thus, instead of using real people that can cause us privacy problems, we have to be able to generate these elements thanks to artificial intelligence.

Precisely below we are going to talk about some simple platforms that will help you in this type of task. We refer to the possibility of generating faces and people through the use of AI with minimal effort.

Online platforms to create faces and people using AI

As we mentioned on the internet, we can find some interesting software solutions for this type of task. In this way we can generate the face or a complete person that obviously does not exist in a real way, although its appearance makes us think that it does. A clear example of all this that we tell you is found in AI Anonymizer.

Here we find a web application that allows us create people’s faces thanks to AI that implements. With all this we will obtain a virtual face that we can use wherever we need it. At the same time, as with this type of platform, its use is extremely easy. At first we only have to upload a photo that serves as a basis to obtain results similar to it.

Another very interesting proposal in this sense is found with BoredHumans. While the previous website created fictitious faces from an original, here directly we get fake people. This is something that is also achieved thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and the database with more than 70,000 for the creation of those false faces that we will obtain as a result. We can also try Face Generator, a proposal that, as its name suggests, focuses on creating fictitious faces.

The main characteristic that we find is that we have the possibility of choose a number of traits that are part of the project. Thanks to the integrated AI we can customize that face in terms of gender, eye color, age, ethnicity, etc.

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