Don’t be fooled by the FullHD of a screen: 1080i is not 1080p

Both denominations have the same number of pixels, which indicate the resolution 1920 × 1080, but they work differently. The difference between these two denominations has to do with the frames that appear on the screen. Normally we will not notice the difference, but it exists and can be noticed especially in competitive video games.

Difference between 1080p and 1080i resolutions

We reiterate that for both resolutions we have 1080 horizontal lines and in each of these lines we have 1920 pixels. What changes between them is how each frame or image that makes up a video is updated.

The 1080i format what it tells us is that it is a resolution «intercaled»«. What it tells us is that the images are intertwined, which is a way of exposing the images or frames. The images or frames do not appear completely in the transition between frames, but are “split”. First are distributed odd horizontal lines and in the next change is completed with even lines. Normally this change is not noticeable, but in competitive games it could be a problem.

Meanwhile he 1080p format, what it tells us is that it is progressive. The frames or images displayed progressively one after another. This means that the odd and even lines are displayed at the same time.

Let’s say we have a video of resolution 1920×1080 that offers 60 images per second (60 FPS). in the format 1080p what we will have is that will show 60 images per second. While in the 1080i format will be shown 30 images per second, half. It is explained that for every “sweep” of image in the 1080i format, two wipes or image updates are required, while in 1080p it occurs only once.

Inside of the 1080i format we have a big problem and it is quite common tearing. This problem is basically display two images simultaneously, seeing the image as if split. An effect usually occurs in video games.

1080i resolution tearing

Choose well for video games

As we mentioned, the 1080p formatwhen loading an image or full frame, you can offer the double images per second than in 1080i resolution. While occasionally hard to spot, in games like CS:GO, Fortnite or similar, yes, it can be perceived more easily. They are action and fast games, where the load on the graphics is high and the defects in the 1080i format are noticeable.

Indicate that the 1080i format is usually used in DTT broadcasts and sporting events. The television does the conversion to 1080p and it is very rare to see these visual problems on the screen.

If you are going to buy a monitor for 1920 × 1080 resolution, you should verify that it is 1080p and not 1080i format. We must say that it is extremely rare to see monitors with this format, but it can be seen in cheap monitors, especially for office automation or multimedia.

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