Don’t go on vacation without your Windows licenses for 14 euros

Summer is here, and with it comes the period of our deserved holidays. However, if you are one of those who must carry your laptop in case of emergencies at work (or simply for your enjoyment) do not forget to have original and activated Windows and Office licenses to avoid unpleasant surprises. Next we are going to tell you how to buy your licenses cheaper than ever thanks to a special promotion during the summer, with 20% discount!

As we have told you many times, only by having original activated Windows licenses can you access not only the latest functionalities of Microsoft’s operating system, but also the much-needed security updates that guarantee that you will be protected against vulnerabilities and possible attacks. .

Your Windows and Office licenses, now on sale

June licenses cdkeysales

As usual, these licenses that we are going to recommend below come from discarded OEM equipment from which the license has been extracted before sending them to the clean point, it has been reactivated and is sold for much less money than it would cost you to buy it new. Fear not, because since 2012 and by a judgment of the Supreme Court, this is a totally legal and licit practice because digital licenses (which is what you are buying) have the same consideration as if they were a physical product, so resale it is completely legal.

Windows 10 licenses at the best price

Your Office license, at an unrepeatable price

Combos to save

If you click on any of the links you will realize that the price listed on the web is higher than the one we have written here, and that is because we have pre-applied the discount coupon HZ20 that you must use from your cart in the purchase process so that the price remains as we have written in the lines above.

Is this purchase safe and legal?

Windows 10

As we have explained before, this purchase is totally legal since the European Court ruled it in 2012 stating that digital licenses have the same validity for all purposes as physical products, so the sale of these is completely legal. Companies like CdkeySales, which is the one we are recommending you today, buy games of OEM equipment licenses from companies that were going to change their computer part for very little money, reactivate these licenses so that they are valid again with Microsoft, and then sell them with a certain profit margin, which allows you to find them at prices as low as the ones we have listed above.

In addition, you are buying completely original licenses that will not give you any problem when activating your operating system or office suite (just make sure you buy the same version that you have installed). And, in case you have any questions, you have PayPal among the accepted payment methods for greater buyer protection.

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