Don’t take risks: scan an ISO with antivirus before mounting it

We generally use a certain main operating system on our computer, but we can also install a secondary one or try another one through a virtual machine. We may also use certain ISO images of systems to install them on a computer that lacks this software element.

Thanks to the power of today’s equipment and the operating systems available, we have the possibility of choosing many of them. For all this, on many occasions, the aforementioned images in ISO format that greatly facilitate the installation or testing tasks. At the same time, this type of files in particular are not only used to host the aforementioned operating systems, but there are complete applications that are added here.

Whatever its purpose, mounting an image with these characteristics on the system is becoming easier, even if we don’t use external applications. A clear example of all this is the Windows operating system that allows us to mount an ISO directly from File Explorer. This allows us to create a virtual unit with the content of the image and to be able to operate with it as we need it. We can also load it in a virtual machine to test that system before installing it on the PC permanently.

We even have the possibility to boot computers with these files for later installation from a USB stick, for example. What we want to tell you with all this is that there are multiple uses that we can give to an ISO image right now. But we still recommend take certain precautions so avoid disappointment in the future.

Scan the ISO with the antivirus to avoid problems

With this, what we want to tell you is that these images are generally made up of a good number of files contained. Therefore, on certain occasions and as is usual with all types of files, ISOs can have some malicious code inside. Likewise, when mounting the image, or uploading it to a PC for later installation, we may be adding these malware without realizing it. This is something similar to what happens with compressed .ZIP files that antiviruses often scan by default.

Well, we should do something similar with these images before we start using them. This is something that is especially evident if we have downloaded that file from an unreliable source on the Internet. The same happens if we receive it from an unknown user and we have certain doubts. At this point, for example, it is worth mentioning that this analysis we are referring to can be easily carried out in Windows. Obviously the scan as such should be done before mounting the ISO on the system or upload it to any other computer.

For this that we tell you what we do is open a File Explorer window and place ourselves in the disk location where we have it saved. In the Redmond system, all we have to do is right-click on the ISO and select the option called Scan with Windows Defender.

examine iso

from that moment the default antivirus of the Microsoft system will be launched and will analyze the total content of the image. In this way we make sure that it is clean before mounting the ISO or loading it on any other computer.

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