Don’t use a free VPN on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

There are many reasons why using a free VPN may not be the safest or most efficient option. For this reason, we wanted to summarize some of the most important points for which it is not worth gambling with a free VPN.

Free VPN? Lack of trust

VPNs Free often have a questionable reputation in terms of confidentiality. Some companies offer free services with the goal of collecting your data and selling it to third parties for revenue. This means that your every move online could be being monitored and logged, defeating the main purpose of using a VPN.

They do not offer the same performance or the same speed

Free VPNs often have limited resources to handle user demand. Precisely because they are free. As a result, connection performance can be slow and browsing speed too. This is noticeable when you are browsing the internet or want to view multimedia content online. Load times are longer and interruptions are also more frequent. This is quite frustrating, especially if you want to use the VPN to view online content such as movies or series on streaming platforms.

Limitations by geographical area

It may be that you are thinking of using a VPN to view multimedia content that is not available in your country. In this sense, some free VPNs they limit the server locations you can connect to. So if your main objective is to view content available in another country, a free VPN may not be enough.

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Ads and viruses, a problem

Many of the free VPNs generate revenue by showing ads to users while they are connected to the VPN. In general these advertisements They are invasive and annoying. They usually appear in the form of banners, pop-ups or videos. In addition, the ads tend to consume resources, so they affect the speed of the network and can slow down the speed of the VPN connection as we mentioned before.

The added problem with these ads is that some of them may be malicious or contain links to unsafe websites. This means that by clicking on a seemingly innocuous ad while connected to the free VPN, you could be redirected to a compromised website that tries to infect your device with viruses. Furthermore, since they tend to be invasive, it is relatively easy to click on them by mistake.

Forget about technical support

In the vast majority of cases Technical support and customer service are often limited on free VPNs. So in case you experience problems or have questions about the service, you may not find the help you need to resolve them quickly.

Not all free VPNs are rogue, but due to the lack of direct revenue from users, some companies may resort to questionable methods to achieve profitability. As we said before, these questionable methods include the sale of user data to third parties or the constant harassment of invasive advertising.

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