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During the months of March and April, at MuyPymes we have talked extensively about flexible remuneration. It is a service through which products and services paid from the payroll are managed with tax benefits for the worker. The rise in inflation and the freezing of salaries, this has become one of the star tools of companies to maintain morale and talent in the workforce. Although it is not something new, few are aware of its benefits, especially SMEs.

As on other occasions, the magazine compiles the most important news about this sector that we have published in MuyPymes, for two months. This time, we have had the participation of Raul Herrero, Senior Director at Robert Walters, as well as with the support of Sodexo Benefits and Incentives.

As on previous occasions, the magazine is produced in a very light, visual and linkable where we explain the differences between social benefits and flexible remuneration. We also talk about taxation, the services involved and how they help retain and attract talent. As in all our digital magazines, we will close the issue with a curious report, this time, about how this service is applied in the United States.

flexible compensation magazine

Our readers will be able to access free form to this magazine, just filled in some information. With respect to indexis the following:

  • Prologue: “How much is talent worth”
  • Flexible remuneration: An opportunity for SMEs
  • Outstanding news
  • Informative pills on flexible remuneration.
  • Report: «Flexible compensation in other countries: the example of the USA»

To whet your appetite, we leave you with an excerpt from the prologue, signed by Raúl Herrero, Senior Director at Robert Walters, Recruitment and temporary work company specialized in junior, technical, management and qualified support profiles for permanent and temporary positions and whose exclusive text you can read in the magazine:

This savings formula for the worker also has direct positive consequences for the company. The benefits of flexible remuneration such as restaurant checks, medical insurance or transport bonus, make a person feel more valued by the company, which increases their motivation, increases their productivity and, in addition, becomes a support tool for reconciliation.

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