Facebook changes its name to be “a company of the metaverse”: it will now be called Meta

As the rumors that emerged during the past week pointed out, Facebook is going to change its name: from now on it will be called Meta. The company assures that it is to be identified as what it calls «a metaverse company«, But at this point few are aware that it may be a strategy to flee forward from the image scandal in which it is immersed after the revelations about its internal functioning contained in the internal documents that Frances Haugen, a former employee of the company , has sent the press, in addition to testifying before the United States Congress about their internal practices.

The name change was revealed by Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in the framework of its Connect 2021 conference. Zuckerberg also argued that the new name was intended to better encompass everything they do now and what they want to do in the future in the field of virtual and augmented reality. Thus, he spent a lot of time talking about the metaverse, the concept that identifies the next steps they want to take in the world of mixed reality. Also from the details of the vision they have on Facebook Reality Labs about the metaverse,

Details include the ways in which future users of the metaverse will be able to experience work, play, exercise, or games, among other things. It was also pointed out that the metaverse is not something that will be released all at once or right now, but will be presented and developed in parts over the next decade. But Zuckerberg did talk about his goals in terms of users: he wants the metaverse to have 1 billion users in ten years.

As for the renown of the company, for Zuckerberg Meta represents the direction in which the company is going, as well as reflecting what they are and what they hope to develop. As for the apps and networks they currently have (Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp), they will all continue to have their name, but they will work under the Meta umbrella, instead of under the Facebook name as they did until now.

The one that will disappear will be the Oculus brand, according to a post of which it will be the next company CTO, Andrew Bosworth. Thus, both the Oculus Quest VR helmet and the Oculus app will change their names. From the first dates of 2022 they will be respectively Meta Quest and the Meta Quest app. Other denominations with Oculus will also change. So Oculus Home will be Horizon Home, Oculus Venues will be Horizon Venues, Oculus Friends will be horizon Friends and Oculus Profile will be Horizon Profile.

Otherwise, the corporate structure of the company is not going to change, and neither is the way in which they use and share data. Yes the way you communicate your results will. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, Meta will reveal its results divided into two segments: Family of apps and Reality Labs. In addition, Meta intends to go public with the new indicator they have reserved, MVRS, on December 1.

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